Saturday, 27 February 2010

Mind Blowing

See I have this little fascination with knowing the unknown (falls back to having no patience) and mind readers.. I've been fascinated by this from a very young age and would go out of my way to meet such people.. I've met a few that truly blew my mind away with their talent/skill/gift..Each using a different skill to tell you what they know.. By far the most intriguing are the ones that look you dead in the eyes and speak to you about the past, present, and future.. I'm so intrigued by such talent that I was nicknamed "gypsy lover".. I'm not interested by the information I'm told as much as I am interested in finding out and observing how such skill/gift works..

Derren Brown shows are quite intriguing and must watch.. I don't know how this is done whether its "magic", illusion, hypnosis, mind reading, or lord knows what.. But it is bloody Amazing! I've watched the show over and over and thoroughly enjoyed it every time.. To watch the full An Evening of Wonders click HERE. You must watch it even if a little tiny part, it is truly weird..


WhySoSerious said...

unfortunately when I click on the link it shows "This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Anyways I'm sure it's about illusions or a good complicated trick . ama ely eygol eyte3amelon ma3a Jen o hal kharabe6 i don't believe :r

Anony said...

yeah mayefta7

Anonymous said...

For those who are getting this video cannot be viewed in your country can visit.. and put in the URL

It should work.