Thursday, 25 February 2010


That time of year again where I get the itch to get a tattoo and have to be talked out of it *sad face* I swear it ain't fair to be deprived of something that I love and want so much *double sad face*I resist, resist, and resist but that doesn't mean I don't get the urge.. What was it last summer when I was this close to getting it done but didn't *triple sad face* i love LOVE body art.. I guess I'll just go back to scribbling on my body with a Bic *ohh whatever*

Ange. Ange. Oh my dear Ange..


Loving the tattoo on wrist idea..


Kill me and kill me NOW..
How beautiful does Ange's ink look?!
That woman is beautiful in face, body, and art!


Anony said...

Loooool today zawe was talking about tattoo and wanting one ;p

3ad I told her get it on the wrist! :o

Very nice!

FourMe said...

AS IF!!!!!!!!!! zawe would NEVER!

mo chena you're the one that talked me out of getting it last time!! If zawe is gettin one I'll get 2 done :D one on wrist and one on shoulder..

Anony said...

Loooool zawee ga3da et6enee o etgool it was her idea !! Hahah walla today etgool she wants to get one ;p etgol mayseer asawe ba3deen astaghfer? ;p hahahaha bs wala the wrist is really nice .. Ana getlaha sawee 7enaa bs sooda mo elon el khayes ;p el 3awath wala el ge6ee3a ;p

zawe said...

My idea my idea :@ ana abeeeeeee 3ala al wrist abeee abeeee abeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

My idea :'''''(

zawe said...

@@ would never :o would o no9eeeen :@

Fofo etha betsaweeeeen relee 3allla relich :p

WhySoSerious said...

The Art of mutilation

PaLoMiNo said... fufuuuu choose urs hahahahaha i choose mine :P

Sumaiah said...

i want atattoo too! and every time they give me "the talk" about how 7aram it is and i would stop thinking about it, but never for too long! wallah i really want one laish chethy!!:( :( :'(
my favorite place is the wrist too, and ankle is good too:)
i'm not giving up! someday it'll happen to me, mo good things come to those who wait! i've waited for too long!:p

Candy said...

getting a real tatoo is sexy!!! me too I want ...

f7ee7eely said...

على قولت واحدن من خواي من أهل الرياض

"يلعن أم الفضاوة ياشيخ"

أهو قال جذي آنا مالي شغل هههههههه

FourMe said...

golelaha kan ghairich ash6ar :p

yaa ya ok wild girl.. i would believe anony getting 1 but you! No way in hell..

7aram 3alaik its beautiful..

i already know what I want.. just somethin tiny..

yes its all this 7aram and 7alal thing :/ either u go insane for a day and get it done and repent or u forget it..

amen sister!

hehehee why are we being bitchy to FourMe! who stepped on your pretty toes..

Errant said...

wow that's real something !

stop looking girl .. that's quite the torture !

FourMe said...

torture it is :/

Anonymous said...

just do it - why care & listen to other people? it's your body & your mind.

start with those stick on tats, then gradually switch to dark henna. Your first tat should be small & rather hidden ( think bum cheeks )

there is a new ink that can be removed after one laser treatment that has been cleared by the FDA

nothing beats getting a tat early sat morning, bliss *sigh*