Wednesday, 10 February 2010

i want... cupcakes..
lots and lots of mini cupcakes.. i wanna eat cupcakes till i overdose on sugar..

..heels many MANY heels..
i wanna buy heels that would fill up a football stadium.. I wanna WEAR HEELS till i break my back.. be adored..
i want to be adored, spoiled, and babied like a toddler.. i want to be adored..

i want ?

anyone want anything?


Anony said...

I'm eating cupcakes now !! Crapy ones lol

Faith said...

Heart transplant, heart removal, artificial heart..anything that would get rid of this bloody thing.

FourMe said...


ouch :/

emm well I'm kinda heartless these days.. and let me tell u it ain't a nice feeling..

Anony said...

i want aston martin !!

3eshreeeeeeeeeeeeeen marra agool abi aston :@

o abi nice heels :(

khalas after the london eye madre shesemha we'll go shoe shopping ;)

o ra7 ayeblech darabeel o cupcake :P

FourMe said...

oh hush u never wear heels.. u always wear those kitten heels as if ur 12 years old!

awwwwwwwwww love u love u loveee U :*
ee get me darabeel and mini choco cupcakes from Sugar and Spice :*

*jumping up and down from joy*
yala get on a damn plane and comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Anony said...

u dont want this? ;p

Anony said...

looool i wear heels occasionally :P

hahaha khalas darabeel and the mino cupcake it is :D

Pure said...

i want to fall in love :'(

(ma3thoora pmsing)

FourMe said...


i want 5 hours with him NO QUESTIONS ASKED :D

hehe dear we're all pmsing around here..

Average.Q8i said...

I Want Her ..

I Want Medicine ..

I Want to Be Loved ..

Guess Who :P said...

waiii fufuuuuu ;/

i want wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ashyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! ;/

I want:

1. My parents + Bros + sis - Live in Good Health and I want them all to grow old till 150 years ;D

2. Good Health

3. LOVE + Moshtaqatah :p

4. S :P

4. A Mansion in california

5. An apartment in NYC

6. A private jet

7. A Yacht

8. Maybach + Driver

9. Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds...

10. Abi a9eer skinny!!!

7ayl Skinny :P Like skin o bones :P

ABI SIZE 0!!!!!!!!


I'll get u everything u want if U guess ana meno hahahhaahhahaha :P


FourMe said...

awwwww :/

guess who:
hehehee u can't get me what i want :p

how about u give me the weight that u don't want and we call it even! cuz i wana go up 1 size :(

i know who is u :*

PaLoMiNo said...

hehehehhe babes love u :*