Saturday, 27 February 2010

i no understand u

Why is it that people speak to each other yet don't hear each other? A conversation can go on for hours and the end result is zero understanding. Why shut yourself down to hearing others? Truly hearing what they say and UNDERSTANDING it?? I don't understand why people fail to listen to each other!!

One of the greatest blessing God has blessed us with is communication. To be able to speak and be spoken to. We can communicate via body language, eyes, touch, hell even by the way we dress! We have a million and one ways of communication yet we simply don't communicate! We want to be heard but we don't want to hear. We speak but don't want to be spoken to. Understood but not to understand.

Is it because we judge? One can listen and NOT judge if they accept people for who they are. We don't accept anything that does not fall into the category of norm. Just because a person is different that does not give anyone the right not to listen to them. We are not the ones to judge, at the end of the day there is a God to judge. We are not put on this earth to be executioners, it is not our divine right to do so, yet we do!

To each his own. Listen and truly listen and understand the world through the eyes of the other person and if it fits their vision then so be it. Who are you to judge and not accept? Who are you to shun just because it does not fit? Listen, ask, debate, do what ever is necessary to understand why one has such view, see and truly see it through them, through their eyes, through their understanding, through their world. We all have our individual worlds and in our world we are the creators, we see we build and live as we please. No human being has the right to force us to live differently in our own world, it is our creation and no one has the right to alter what we create.

Please listen, listen with your eyes, ears, hearts, emotions, souls, brains, listen with every inch in you to truly comprehend. Once you do you will see that there is much more than one sheltered world, you will understand that there are 8 billion worlds out there and each is unique in its own way. All these worlds are trying to co-exist in one universe which is our world.

Understanding is a gift that has not been appreciated because we are so enveloped in our own selves and are too selfish to lend a listening ear. Its all about me, me, and ME! Once you listen to others and accept their diversities you will learn to truly listen to yourselves and accept yourselves for who you are without the influence of the outside world.

I bet my life on it that most won't understand what I'm saying as they weren't really listening..

"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize what you heard is not what I meant."
~ Robert McCloskey


Anony said...


Anony said...

loool i loved the qoute! hahahaha

and i loved the last paragraph :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you wrote.

Probably it is because of concluding, accessing, over enthusiasm to say something, or probably fear of forgetting what they have to say that moment, or just self gratification... might be the causes for not listening WHILE communicating.

Hearing is not listening.

There is a principle which states, listen to the other as if he/she is telling the truth and then try to verify it.

Most people are in the process of putting what they are listening into boxes of True or False.

Listen attentively to what the other person is trying to communicate.

Even after listening carefully, we don't actually get the EXACT picture, however, we are close.

f7ee7eely said...

والللللللللله كلاااااااااام صعععععععععععب

آي هاد تو رييد أند ري-ريييد ذا كوووت تو أندرستاند إت ههههههههه

WhySoSerious said...

if you want some one to hear you
you have to act like a H-e-r-o

no one will understand your word
without showing ur sword

yeah it will look like a fight
4 who don't have ear & sight

do u believe only god can judge you?
oh please
then why do u care about them just live with some peace

By mE

Jack Asssss said...

Hi Fourme

"I don't understand why people fail to listen to each other!!"

Many possible reasons .

First and foremost we are humans not saints.hence,
We may not care.
Its not possible to try and put energy into being idealist all the time.sooner or later we snap.
They may be very boring.
May be we have had enough.
Maybe we have many fears or issues right now which occupy our thoughts.

so on and so forth....

Basically if we care we do listen and understand.
P.S - I was constantly replaying the scene from Hitch "Listen and respond Listen and Respond" . Not that its relevant but just..

Candy said...

Once you listen to others and accept their diversities you will learn to truly listen to yourselves and accept yourselves for who you are without the influence of the outside world.


No one have the right to judge our actions except GOD.

you've been tagged,do it if u feel so ..

Anonymous said...

I don't believe people have trouble listening because they are being judgmental. I think it's mostly about power struggle. Should I let him impose his opinion and thoughts and beliefs on me or should I impose my philosophy or thoughts on an issue on him? How do I extend my personal sphere of influence and lead others to believe what I believe?

I think in order to be a good listener you have to be someone who's willing to change his/her views on something. If not, you may be just staying quiet so that you wait your turn and not because you're actually listening to what the person has to say.


identity said...

I think being a good listener u need to have an open mind u need to see things from more than one perspective to understand what the listener is saying but hey that's just my opinion..
Other than that I agree with u and what u said
We sometimes (most of the time) talk and want to be heard but we simply don't want to hear we listen yet we don't hear we don't understand simply because were not paying attention cause we don't care the most important thing for us is to be heard but yet not to hear others
The question is ; how will we be heard or understood if we urselfs don't want to hear or understand?

Anonymous said...

Fuck! people are miserable and don't want to listen.

Sumaiah said...

i think that u wrote this to be listened to and not to be presented with theories about why people dont listen to each other! am i a good listener or what:p

Anonymous said...

If people don't debate then what's the point ?