Sunday, 7 February 2010


*Alrighty children of the light your help is needed.. I kinda suck at this so any suggestions will be excellent.. See I cannot be of much help in this area because in my entire life I gave 5 gifts to the male specie and 2 of them were Champagne bottles so yaa I ain't your to go to girl in this matter..

a birthday gift for a 38 year old man who has everything..

Looking for creative gifts or gifts that men in general would appreciate (Boys your input here would be greatly appreciated).. he's into technology, anything related to laptops, and cooking.. As well needed somewhere that does nice cakes.. Kindly list any and specific cakes that would make the mouth water..

See I always say if you wanna give a man a gift just act out one of his fantasies in bed and please the bastard but hey it ain't applicable in all cases (only if you're married take my advice apart from that DON'T mali khilg asheel thanb a7ad)

Much Appreciated.. ..


Anony said...


Amethyst said...

For a gift, I don't have any ideas. BUT for the cake, get the red velvet from Dessert!

FourMe said...

number by any chance? so i can pass the info on..

serenade said...

for a man who has everything,, why not a fancy box to display all his watches,, or cufflinks,,

good luck x

doona said...

something personal...

madry a photo or some kind of memory or something...

madry im not a guy...cant really help you there ;P

on another notion, i want cake...

FourMe said...

liking the box idea! just wondering where she can get it in kuwait :/

he passed the age of giving a crap about memories..

i want cake too!

Even Sweeter said...

Nespresso coffee maker if he's a coffee person and twilight cake from november bakery! ooh so delecious

Average.Q8i said...

IF He's Into Arabic Music; 3oud .. ;p ..

Glitter said...

she's an expert in these kinda things :)


I'll just follow the comments here closely for I too need a gift for X,
I can just take ur advice ;)


kharej elmawthoo3,
how's twitter with u?
liking it much?
coz i just joined and I feel totally lost :(

FourMe said...

even sweeter:
thnx dear will pass it on..

hhehe 3ashan yaksira 3ala ras'ha


get him something that he needs or said that he wanted to get.. i always say thats a good thing.. just listen to the man and get him what he wants o fokay 3omrich.. even if its a pair of socks..

twit is fun.. chena mass sms.. sometimes its a good read in sever cases of boredom, u get to see a bit into peoples lives..

PaLoMiNo said...

Booo :P

Glitter 7abeebti ur on Twitter??? I will follow u Now!!! :D
My usename is Mneefa in twitter, name Palomino :p ako link my blog o same pic...
tara awl shy malqa bas when tendmjayn o eykon on ur bb tara wansaa! ambaay sa3at ag3ad agra el tweets af6is min el thi7ik when i have nothing to do :P


awal shay regarding il Cake :P

my habba cake now is:



Sugar and Spice


Shuwaikh co-op

They deliver :) and it's better to order 1 day in advance..
khal tro7 tshoof coz they have manyyyyy other choices... Kitkat cake 7ilwaa bas looyaa! it's hard to cut... love el cupcakes ele 3indhom:)

o last year nzlaw cake for valentine only, akeed they will do the same this year...

Number: 24821483

Let her check them out..

Etha ma 3ajbha.. khaleeha troo7 "WOW" Near Al-Rayya Complex, 3indhom yummyyyy cakes! o tgdar ta6lib el cake ele tabeha 3ala anything she wants...

raqmhom: 1827070

Or She can also make a Customized cake @ chocolate bar... ALSO very nice :)


etha ma 3ajbha, o taby more options, leme Know ;P i'll give u more options... Bas I prefer el amkin ele i mentioned above..


7ayaty baroo7 o arja3 for part 2 :P for el Gift part :p bas i need to ask around 1st :P I'll ask a couple of 38 year oldies :P

mara7 ata'akhar! elyoom i promise heheheh...

Anonymous said...

Crumbs is amazing let her chk thm out in FB thr are pics and all the info ;)
And for the gift let her do him a bbq:p tra mal munch 7ada amazingggg they come 2 ur home and do every thing :D

ba6alah said...

For Gifts :

Ipad!!! hehe la manezal :r

Rent A sport Car for him like Ferrari430 or Lamborghini or the new Porsche Panamera And put your gifts inside it "watches - Iphone 3GS - New Macbook or Mac pro - shoes for Deshdasha- wallet - pen 2 remember you in his working time :r

A Journal Entry said...

i realy liked even sweeter's idea .. i'll note that down for future refrence ;p

- a weekend trip to dubai
- a good misba7 if he's into hal ashya2
- a prof. camera set?
- a good surround system with the projector like dvd player

places for good cakes:

-sugar and spices's coco chanel.. aw candy ham 7ilwa
-lorenzo's chocolate cheesecake
-caramel's pumpkin cake

FourMe said...

thank u babe :*

sounds good.. thanx

hehe ok is that what u want :p
nothing to do with me, its for a friend and her hubby..

thank u babe.. he does have a fetish for msba7's

7aneen said...

Fe mesbaa7 they make with family name or first name, or both..

7aneen said...

And regarding sugar and spice--

I once ordered a cake and cancelled it and 3 weeks later I wanted another cake with the same decoration so I asked them. To double check, they brought out a cake and told me this is your cake but now its being sold for another customer.
I said WHAT ?! ITS 3 WEEKS OLD.. Theyre like "Yaa all our cakes are frozen"

Lovely.. And btw it was a "Candy's Cake"

PaLoMiNo said...

7ayaty sorry ta'akhart :/
ma gedart akmil part 2 of the gifts!

ashoof el bnaat here kafaw o wafaw :)

Even Sweeter's and A Journal Entry

I loved ur ideas!

ako ma7al bil 9al7iya el door el awal, eybee3 mesabee3 very nice!
3alyhom diamonds:)

DAMAS also 3indhom awl, madry if they still do?

7aneen The mesba7 with the family name, where can i get that done??
is it nice???

pleaseeee Can i know the details plz:)

fufuuu since he's into electronics,

How about an apple Mac book?

Or even a hand held organizer?

what about a watch?

Or she has an option of:

1. A book

2. Enlarge an old pic of the 2 of them 2gether, frame it akeed...

Good Luck :*

7aneen said...


go to cherry boutique on Facebook and check out the pix,,

Ya its neat and unique..!

FourMe said...

thank u for following up with the groups name.. as another friend of mine wanted something of the sort for her hubby and liked the idea.. fakaiteny minha :D

PaLoMiNo said...

thanks 7aneen:)