Sunday, 14 February 2010

Fucketine's Day

I shall put away my negative thoughts for the day.
If this is a day to celebrate Love then so be it..
We shall celebrate it..
Nothing more beautiful than having 1 special person
To be there for you during the Good & Bad
To share with laughter and tears
To love you unconditionally
To truly understand you
To love your flaws

She said,
To love you is to go mad.
~Kate Earl

He said,
There is always madness in love.
But there is also always some reason in madness.
~Friedrich Nietzsche

May you all my darlings go mad.. ..


Anony said...

3ajeeeba elsoora

Happy V day ;*

Anonymous said...

Mad, huh?

I heard someone say once that love is not supposed to hurt. I've never known love without hurt so maybe I've never known love at all. I don't know. There's this song that has a line that goes something like this "all I've ever learned from love is how to shoot somebody who outdrew you". So who gets to hurt the other first? You or the other person?

I hope that I have never known love and that the emotional shredding that happened to me in the past was nothing but a result of shitty shitty choices and that going forward I don't act so damn jaded and cynical that I push away even the best of them. I hope to God it works out for me in spite of my craziness, lack of trust, and general neurosis, and the hot and cold I feel. I hope the same for you, FourMe.

FourMe said...


Mad in the sense madly consumed in love. Not mad as angry and in pain because of love..

Average.Q8i said...

May U go Mad ..
O May I Go Mad ..
O May Anony go Mad ..
O Chan Zaiin el 3moum Goes Mad ..

Happy Valentine's fourMe .. Anony .. My Best Blogosphere Buddies Ever ..

ba6alah said...


Anony said...

baq9oooooooooooooooooooomaaaaa :D

khalas im going koko for u :P

Faith said...

Yes nothing more beautiful than that:) I mean.. as far as I can remember :)

Errant said...

men bu2ek lebab el samam .. hehe

PaLoMiNo said...

Mabi Mabi I go mad :P


"Men are like pennies: two-faced and worthless.


FourMe said...

would be perfect if we all can go mad..


hope u get newer madder memories :*

hehe da3wty ma to9al :p

sweetheart you're ALREADY madly mad :p

true! very fucking true!! yet i still hope there might be one goddamn man left on this planet that's not such an asshole.. ehh i dream the impossible :/