Tuesday, 9 February 2010

are u a bitch?


Anony said...

@@ shesalfa

Average.Q8i said...

'7alatechh' ..

Anonymous said...

*raises her hands up in the air & shouts* HELL YEAH ..I am one:) & your post only made me embrace it more ;p

Anony said...


I guess u're the mother of all bitchs looll

Waaay to g bitch ;p


FourMe said...

yes babe i am the Queen Bitch..

adri ayanin..

haha nicely done.. i tend to bring out the bitch in people.. including men!

Faith said...

I’m a major bitch and have been always so even before reading the bitch credo lol

Elegant Chic said...

Me likey!
And I'm one too!

To all the bitches in the world, cheers! :p

Amethyst said...

Yup! I'm such a bitch!

FourMe said...

dont ya think with us 'bitches' the older we get the bitchier we get!

*raises her camomile tea*
cheers babe:)


WhySoSerious said...

We need similar Post for males :r "Are You a pimp?"
Do you take a good care of ur girls?
Do you defend your girls ?
If they did their jobs but no one gave them what they deserve do you step by their side ?
.... :r

PaLoMiNo said...


woooohooo :P

thecoconutcake said...

From now on, I'm embracing my inner Bitch :P

brown-suger said...

all hail bitches all over the world..Yuhooo

Jack Ass.. said...

well all those things will never make u a bitch . what makes a bitch is :

1} Disregard for other persons right to live with all those attributes the pictures mentions. It means bossing over another person . It means being preemptive in judging a person and being mean to them.It means thinking that one is always right.It means being unapproachable..
Basically what a bitch means is "Egoistic+arrogant+Shameless+
uptight "