Thursday, 21 January 2010

Ugly but True

This movie has men nailed down to the inch.. ohh hold your horses before you start accusing me of generalising lets say it nailed 99.999999999% of men down.. whether you wanna admit it or not a large percentage of men are indeed air-headed manwhores who just wana play .. If you haven't seen The Ugly Truth then I suggest you do.. funny as hell and damn accurate.. If they're not manwhores they're ball-less.. and they wonder why lesbians are on the rise.. ehh..


Anony said...

Fofo <3

Euphoria said...

He's so hot! lol

Amethyst said...

I loved the movie!

Danderma said...

abi ayey lndn ashofah... 4y adopt me!

Faith said...

yes the truth was there alright

but sorry to say this movie was the WORST I've seen in my life.

FourMe said...


i second that!


hehe u adopt me i adopt u :p

it came out in summer u can find it online..

i'll give u that it was a bit of a cliché and the ending could be spotted a mile away..

but how they captured the essence of men and put it in straight forward points is hilarious! women always give men more credit than they deserve.. every single man on this planet says the exact same thing but somehow we manage to dismiss it! any man on gods green earth will say I am a simple man and want a simple woman.. but do we believe them? NO.. you'll never find a man that says I want a complex, neurotic, obsessive control freak.. they want the simple girl thats pretty to look at and doesn't give them a headache..

even though the ending proves otherwise but the message is loud and clear..

doona said...

i heard alot about it...supposedly really good ;)