Sunday, 3 January 2010


~That picture is so disturbing yet I can't stop looking at it! I'm mesmerised by it.. The contrast in colours and the little shown beauty of the woman with the opposite horrid images on the tongue is just I dunno interesting.. Now is it even possible for someone to tattoo that much on a tongue?! Ouch!

~I'm back on my Pmdd meds and I feel so damn girly again.. hehe its seriously disturbing :p I blush and giggle and do really girly things.. though its good cuz its calmed me down already but damn the girliness is killing me..

~Other day I had to see the dentist and he asked me the oddest question that I just couldn't make out why he asked it.. See the nurse already took medication history on form and he read it and asked about it when I first walked in then he goes on his business and just before I leave he asks me "So are you on the pill?" Why would my dentist wanna know if I'm sexually active?!???

I had a kinda perplexed look on my face and then answered.. But really why would a dentist wanna know if I'm on the pill or not?!? Plus he already took med history and knows I'm not on it ?!? When I was leaving he was smiling and went over to his male receptionist and was saying something but I just walked out cuz I was in too much pain to bother with whatever the fuck he was on about.. Still I can't figure it out .. See I'm the type when I don't understand something I keep on going over it again and again in my head till I get it.. I can't find a reason :/ If anyone can sees the relevance in his question please let me know..

Didn't I tell ya I have the worst luck with doctors!

~My love for music is getting more intense by the minute.. I cannot stop listening to music.. any type of music.. the other day is were I realised I kinda have lost my mind when at one go I listened to Om Kalthoom followed by r&b, some good old arabic oldies, Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony, Ray Charles, and techno.. My cousin was with me and she said "what's wrong with you!! what kind of music taste is this!!".. The look on her face made me realise that no one listens to this much of different types of music at the same time.. But I love music.. Truly love it.. Ehh never mind..

Me likey this song..


Um Mit3ib said...

is it actually possible to tattoo ur tongue aslan?

Anony said...


FourMe said...

um mit3ib:
no clue at all.. I've seen piercings but never tattoos.. don't think they can.. and if they can DAMN it will hurt like HELL!

join the club..

identity said...

ouchhh... that hurts...
ana i bite my tongue by mistake oo a9ar5 i9ra5 allah i3ynha...
a9lan doesn't her tongue yengde3?

mrayty said...

u all girlie =D

Mar8adoosh said...

the dentist is funny :p

PaLoMiNo said...

Hatha tattoo sjy?? it doesn't look real coz the colors r sooo bright, a7es low sjy it wouldn't look chethe...

o b3dain ana ashoof ur always girlie! Mo bas when ur on ur meds :P

ur dentist akeed ma feeh 3erj q8y?? :P 7ada malgooof :P
ashkra he was shocked coz it seems ena all female patients ele eymroon 3alyh r on the pill!
loool ;p

FourMe said...

chena yabelna doctor.. where are those med students when u need them!

ee ana mithlich mat7mal shay..

hehhe hushh :p

wala more like a pervert :/

la i doubt it.. ohh trust me I've gone extra girly these days.. elonootha eta3ib :p

I think he was indian, I honestly dont remember.. I only see my dentist in kuwait bs I was in so much pain that I went to this one..

i dont understand! why would he wana know if i'm on the pill esalfa mo rathya edish mokhi :/