Sunday, 24 January 2010


Life is about Give and Take.. Bullfuckingshit its all about take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take and some more fucking TAKE! Well I'm fucking tired of it.. How about you give me one son of a bitch of a break and GIVE for fucking once! For fuck sake the universes way of testing how much more I can take is cruel.. Really till mother fucking when?? Just a rough estimate of how much more shit do I have to endure just so I don't go ballistic.. FIVE FUCKING YEARS now you've been taking in every goddamn sense.. you've taken and taken and taken.. fuck me I'm tired and you cannot take anymore.. this bullshit is unfucking fair! I have reached my limit with you Life this is where I draw the fucking line, you can't keep on taking! For every 1000 you've taken you've given 1 back.. you have really fucked me over this time.. you have even taken my ability to get angry at you.. this is how much you have taken from me.. I am beat.. so fuck you very much life for being so generous.. feel free to take some more as I really have had it and don't give a fuck any more..


Anony said...


falantan said...

Allah yhadeech fourme.

بالحديث القدسي الله تعالى يقول:

"لا تسبوا الدهر. فأنا الدهر

7emdi rabbech 3ala inne3ma ili inti feeha o terki 3annech hal7ache.

here's your exercise. sit and focus on all the "other" things in your life that are "good" and "not fucked". :P

Danderma said...


Shino 9ar?! mino im2athee 4y!

Madry laish il awadem ma yefhomoon ma3na kilmat 'egtheb el bab o 3a6ne imgafak' ... tra it's very simple!

Traveleer said...

you are venting..its good :).. you will come up with a funny/quirky post in a day or 2 (I hope).

Faith said...

Just one question
Is that a metaphor to say EVERYTHING is going wrong in you life?
Or is it.. People, not life, around you won’t stop taking and never give back a thing!
Sorry my dumbness rules today :I

Average.Q8i said...

Ma Abee Asma3 Rejawee; Ma Abee Asma3 7louf ..
Kel 'Denya Ta56ee Marra; O Enta Ta56ee Bel Olouf ..
Babte3ed O Hatha 8araree; Ma 3ala Methlekk 7souf ..

Dear Life,
If u'd Known FourMe; U Would Not Have Took What U Took ..
Fush U; and Stop Taking .. :@:@; 7addech 3add ..

FourMe said...


7amda rabi.. bs each person can be pushed to a certain limit and I've reached mine and passed it long ago..

don't think i'm throwing a tantrum because i broke a nail or because of some minute issue.. i can tolerate so much but sometimes its too much to take.. and after all i am a human and i have a breaking point as everyone else does..

u shouldn't ask what happened u should rephrase it to what didn't happen..

i can come up with a funny one right know but that doesn't mean i'm fine..

not a metaphor, literally everything.. i dont give a damn about people taking as that is expected from people these days.. they just take and don't give.. that's not the issue..

u are a very sweet boy :)

TOUCHE' said...

I know the feeling when sometimes you feel like screaming "enough hav
en't I given enough"
That's life, no one said its dandy and easy, it's the point of living it and enduring the struggles to be rewarded afterwards, not necessarly grand ones, sometimes the little gifts slip under the radar but still make the difference.
Just concetrate on the bright dots and you'll calm down, i'm pretty sure there are many blesses which you've overlooked (after all we are humans and tend to take things for granted)
Trust me there are many things life has given you, all you have to do is just to open your eyes and see

AKuwaitiAttitude said...

Love your blog! have a look at mine! :) good job

FourMe said...

giving I don't mind at all.. but the taking whether I like it or not is getting a tad much! Yes that feeling exactly of just wanting to blow up..

On good days I'm a pessimist so you can just imagine on bad days how I view matters.. Alf il7amdila wala I know I am blessed but there are things that I just cannot take anymore.. its gotten well out of hand.. its as if you've got an open wound and someone is pouring lemon and sticking their finger in it..

thank u dear.. will do..