Saturday, 30 January 2010

silent it is

Such a shame.. I have conformed into one of the masses who don't speak their mind.. I have become one of those people who keep what they want to say to themselves because of dozen reasons.. I have become something that I truly dislike.. One of the things that I loved about me was my ability to speak my mind no matter what but alas that's gone now.. truly a shame.. ..

"Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent."
~Ludwig Wittgenstein


Anony said...


Anony said...

OMG !!! few hours ago i was in a discussion were i couldnt speak my mind i couldnt say a word !! simply because there was no use of it so i just kept silent !

y7er tara !

Average.Q8i said...

3adda el Zaman elle Kan Bah Kelmetakk Masmou3a .. ??

Danderma said...

Laish you can't speak your mind?! Shelle ta'3ayar?

FourMe said...

No in those situations u should let ur opinion be heard if it is understood good if not then so be it..

I used to never be able to put a lid on it.. Fair enough I know when to shut up but now it truly sucks as I feel like a boiling kettle that's going to spill over if I don't speak my mind.. Yet I'm switching myself off.. Ehh really don't like it

Hehe la kilmty lal7en masmoo3a bs I'd rather stay quiet..


serenade said...

why stay quiet? shout it from the roof,, let the whole world hear you,, and the rooftops of london are the perfect place,,"chimchiminy chimchiminy chim chim cheroo... a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be..." xx

FourMe said...

dear girl u made me smile :*
because life ain't a movie.. that's what people do in movies..

serenade said...

LOL I believe in fairytales, movies and lala land ;p life is too serious xx

FourMe said...

God how I wish I was like you.. i wish i can believe in fairytales and the whole lala land myth :(

life is too fucking serious.. no matter how much you try to make it lighter it pulls you down :/

serenade said...

3awarty galby,, tara these are all tests from Allah,, the more he loves his 3abd yableeh 3alashan yrafi3 min darajta,, la7thy ina akthar ilnas ibtila2 uhma ilanbeeya2,, so t9aberay winshalla Allah byazeech 3ala 9abrich o imanich
هذا دعاء دعاه نبي الله سليمان وهو في بطن الحوت ان ينجيه الله فانجاه ولم يدع به مؤمن في وقت الضيق بعده الا واستجيب له

اللهم انت الله لا اله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الضالمين
good luck,, and I'm always here if you need a shoulder to cry on xx