Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Male PMS

See I've come across so many men that become all of the sudden bitchy, agitated, and just so moody that they remind me of myself when I'm pms'ing.. The idea of a man pms'ing is just so ridiculous but guess what?! Seem like they really do PMS!!! The bastards wouldn't even let us have PMS and just had to have dipps in that too! There are some studies that have proven it is possible for men to have pms symptoms and as well I've received the below as an email and it just made sense.. Though I don't know how accurate the information is but it seems just about right!
"Yeah you PMS like a bitch I would know"
~Katy Perry

هذا الموضوع حقيقة هناك دورة شهرية للرجال

وتسمى ( دورة القمر )
عند اكتمال القمر يكون ساطعاً ويسمى بدراً أي في أيامه 13-14-15

يصبح عندها جسم الإنسان مليء بالسوائل ويتهيج دمه

وفي هذه الحالة تكون نفسية الشخص متقلبة وغير منتظمة

لوحظ في ألمانيا وبريطانيا وأمريكا في هذه الفترة يكثر الناس في البارات وأماكن شرب الخمر

فأصبحت الشرطة تستعد في هذه الأيام أكثر من غيرها تحسبا لحدوث أي مشكله ما

ثم قام احد العلماء بدراسة الحالة النفسية لدى بعض هؤلاء الناس

وأتضح إن الناس في هذه الفترة تزيد نسبه السوائل الموجودة في أجسامهم مما يؤدي إلى تصرفات غير محمودة

وهنا تتضح الحكمة من صيام الأيام البيض ( 13 - 14 - 15 ) لان الصيام ينشط مع وجود السوائل في الجسم

وأيضاً تتضح الحكمة من تحديد أوقات الحجامة في الأيام 17 - 18 - 19

لان في هذه الأيام يكون فيها الدم قد وصل إلي مرحله الهيجان بعدها يبدأ بالسكون

*فعلى الأشخاص القياديون التريث في إصدار أي قرارات أو أعمال مصيرية في هذه الأوقات

لما لها من ردة فعل نفسية على الشخص قد يندم عليها لاحقا

فسبحان الله العظيم على حكمة خلقه

p.s. I copy pasted this so if there are any mistakes in it I wouldn't know..


Anony said...

Male pms ;p haha ;p

falantan said...

you people complain about the credibility of wikipedia.. so the credibility of this kind of info via viral-email is bellow zero don't you think?

in short:
خرابيييييييييييط. لا تصدقين ولا تكذبين

falantan said...
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falantan said...

"you people" = "you know, people"

f7ee7eely said...

الله سبحانه وتعالى قال في محكم قرآنه الكريم :

"قل أعوذ برب الفلق من شر ماخلق ومن شر غاسق إذا وقب......."

أجمعوا المفسرين إنا الغاسق إذا وقب هو إكتمال القمر بالليل المظلم يعني البدر إذا إكتمل ومثل ماقلتي وتفضلتي الرجل يصبح عدواني في حال إكتمال القمر لإزدياد الجاذبية القمرية اللي بدورها تفوًر الدم.

f7ee7eely said...

حتى بعض الحيوانات تصير عنيفة وشرسة في حالة إكتمال البدر

mrayty said...

its okay

i think there's plenty of PMS going around to share between us and them =D

next stop: labor =D

ZoN said...

i read about this few years back, but it isnt medically or scientifically documented!!
based on what u shared with us in the email, it is another non sense email.

we dont PMS!!

hormone levels drop down or peaks its normal, no specific pattern to it, normal human physiology :P

Anonymous said...

Faith said...

makes perfect sense. and they'd love to use it among their list of excuses on why they are being klaaaab.

No identity.. said...

The attached info (in Arabic) is correct but it does not mean male PMS... the issue mentioned is related to both male and female... BUT STILL i personally know guys who go in a moody faze each month we even make fun of it and call its period time... so they do go throw their own issues but you can't call it PMSing.

mrayty said...

I completely agree ;Pp

FourMe said...

honey there are males in the world but there are no real men left..

hmm I never complain about wiki.. anyhows I know for a fact 7jama is good for men especially for those with migraines.. so there is some truth to the email.. even erasool 3aleh e9alat w salam wa9a feha..

and as F7ee7eely mentioned below about the moon so it does seem that this email is true in some sense..

thank you for that info! I didn't know that this is what it meant..

seriously i can't get used to this nick of yours.. go back to dandoona :/

hahhahahhaaa i would love to see a man go through labour pains :D

I read a while back that they did carry some studies.. can't remember all details though but they do say they suffer from cramps and mood swings..

blaah blaah blaaah...oh just suck it up and be a man about it! You DO PMS :D

hahahha so true! imagine a dude is being an ass and u ask him why? and he replies with "i'm pmsing" !! i swear I'd smack him :p I can't handle mushy wushy men :/

no identity:
its not pms per se but it resembles it.. u know that feeling when ur mood just goes nuts for no reason.. i think this is what happens to the "men"..

exactly I've been sayin that to boys for years and now there is some validity to it.. well period time just doesn't really work.. I'll stick to pms..

Danderma said...

Eee yegolon sej... ana ash.had... 3an tajroba mojaraba

my hubby becomes bu3antar chinah warewolf around full time moon... o ma yenta7acha... yet.hawash wya zoban wayha!!! i always tease him about that...

yegoloon inah 7ajama or blood donation also helps cause their body doesnt get rid of blood madry shinoo