Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Kicked to the Curb

Crap I'm homeless :/

I've bitched and complained about the cold weather sO much that mother is ejecting me from my home! She literally told me to leave and go back to Kuwait and come back when its warmer :( I would so have gladly obliged if she wasn't having an operation done soon.. The woman is kicking me out because I cannot handle the COLD! And before you say Alaah wansa its cold NO darlings its motherfucking cold (-6c COLD) to the extent airports are being shut down temporarily, they're running out of salt and grit for the roads, some schools have been shut, etc. Now we don't have snow because it has progressed to ICE the roads are fucking iced up! .. I'm in fucking hibernation I can't even go out.. and when I do I freeze my little tush off :/ No matter how many layers I wear at home and stay next to the radiators I still feel cold! Bitchass no fat on body crap! Now I really wish I was overweight at least I would have some meat on me to keep me warm :(

Okay enough talk.. Who's willing to take me in?? Really I'm a good asset to any household promise! It would be like living with your own cleaning company.. I'd have your place in spick and span conditions in no time.. I'm told I'm a good company and listener so its like having your own personal shrink.. Plus you'd be doing a good deed by sheltering a homeless girl! Come onnnnn it can't get better than that! But I must warn you I need unlimited supply of cookies and cupcakes or I turn into a raging bitch.. That is all :)

Save Me :(


Anony said...

Waaaaat izzz da heeeel @@

Anony said...

Whyyy are u homeless :o weeen ra7 elbeet

Anony said...

Latgolelee u locked urself out !!

falantan said...

مالك إلا أميمتك

stop bitching about the cold and be nice to her. o malech illa ajer ya bnaya

FourMe said...

me no talk to you :(

its cooooooooooooooooooooooooooolldd walaa baard i swear mat7maal elbard :(

ofcourse I'm nice to her.. shes mamaty 7abeebat galby ma3indy ghairha Alah ykhaleha ly inshalaa.. bs still bard o abi at7al6aam..

identity said...

Hahahaha wanna hear a funny story my father went to London for some business he got there oo got sick oo now bess ga3ed ib the hotel igool menkether ma its cold he can't go out!
So alla i3ynich!

mrayty said...

i take you iiiiiin!! =D =D

i have cookies! and body fat that i would gladly donate to you!! =D

ZoN said...

haha i agree with u its freaky cooooooold.. im ice skating in the roads with the shoes i have, il zalqa 7alaly w ebalash bil share3, the car is drifting by itself in the streets.

eshway w nel3ab sayarat emda3am bil share3 lol

Traveleer said...

this reminds me of my days in Pennsylvania! it used to get coooooold so cold that once the water inside my car radiator froze! and I remember my SKATING (by car) adventures on americas highways during winter. AND I still hate cold weather and could never get used to it.

I'll take you in!! just wait for me to get back to England... The place is just across from Sainsbury's so you will have constant and steady supply of cookies. I am a clean freak myself so you will not be working hard :P I'll let you clean the bathroom basss heheheh

Faith said...

LOL ur mom is cute
Come to KSA I’ll feed you till you get some fat and spoil you and take care of you.. bass tara you’ll stay home 24/7 we have no places to hang out at ;b

1001Nights said...

I think this year is colder than usual. Bass ham if you put some effort in not just wearing layers but wearing WARM LAYERS trust me it makes a difference. I recall meeting up with a friend in London once and she started cracking up when she saw me because I looked like I came from the North Pole but of course when it got darker she got jealous because she was really cold and I was just cold. :) Sim3ay, wear cashmere stockings I think you can find in M&S or maybe falke has some in Harrods or Selfridges. On top wear those leggings that people wear for skiing, also from M&S. On top of those wear whatever pants you want to wear. I bought cashmere sweatpants from M&S once they're very comfortable and they're wide so they fit the layers under. Under your sweater wear ham thermal PLUS a long sleeve cotton top PLUS make sure your sweater is not too blended and mostly cashmere. One thing people don't pay attention to when they're buying winter sweaters is the material. I actually look at the tag to see the percent of cashmere in it - better than wool! So try to stalk up on purely cashmere sweaters tara tafrig and it's definitely a worthy investment. PLUS they're everywhere in London ma 3endich mushkila (they're kinda hard to come by in Kuwait). Oh and of course boots make a big difference. I like wearing boots that have a warm layering inside. It may take longer to leave home because of all the dressing up but I think it’s worth it 3ashan tistansain wintai tamsheen barra. OO deeray balich min il zalag I one time slipped and fell on my back – funny in retrospect but a bit embarrassing at the time. Good boots should make it easier to walk without slipping.

f7ee7eely said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL entyyyyyyyyy nektaaaaaaaaaaah

Anony said...

Olaaaa ma6ala3li kil h 7acheee @@ bs e6la3atli awal jumla :o

Even Sweeter said...

Honey, Im soo having you as my personal shrink!

and lat7aten my place ma yekhlla men November cupcakes! ;p

serenade said...

i was just in london and was going insane min ilbard! as many layers as i put it on,, it did not help! and i'm talking inside not outside ;p

lol t9abiray and inshalla it will get better,, ur mom needs you ;p ma3alayha shar inshalla :*

Smart CoOKie said...

I've heard on the news that it's the worst winter in 30 years. Allah y3enik.

Danderma said...

loool 4y! How did you become homeless?!

you want sheltering ihnee wella in uk?

ihnee 7yach allah 3ndee :D
uk i can fedex u the keys but u would still be freezing :D

o i know the kinda cold ur talking about... this year it was TOOOO FRIGGIN COLD... to the extent that... well, you wish you could go to the bathroom wentaw ib karama fully clothed... or if possible not go at all.... I am not missing the cold!!!

Danderma said...

ee o etha 3la il cookies i make pretty decent ones :D ask ppl who have tried it! O i am fat o give great bear hugs... ask Dandoon aka Mrayte.... o 3ndi hot chocolate o vegeterian friendly mini marshmallows b3d

ZoN said...

يا حبيبي طاب الهوى ما علينا لو حملنا الأيام فى راحتينا
صدفة أهدت الوجود الينا وأتاحت لقاءنا فالتقينا
فى بحار تئن فيها الرياح ضاع فيها المجداف والملاح
كم أذل الفراق منا لقاء كل ليل إذا التقينا صباح
يا حبيبا قد طال فيه سهادي غريبا مسافرا بفؤادي


FourMe said...

salmta mayshoof shar.. ee its sooo cold its horrible :/

ya 7ayaaty entay :* hehehee ee plz i need me some meat..

its colder on ur end isn't it :/ waay alah y3eenik..careful dude.. hehehhe so true! When i walk on the street I swear I worry about a car hitting me as i seem them jiggling left and right on the roads :/

ouch that's much! i don't think anyone likes the cold :(

yaaaay bathrooms are super fun as that's where u get to experiment with cleaning detergents..

waaay ya baakhty :D
don't worry about that.. I went out SOOO much in my days that I've become such a homey person now..

Okay I'm allergic to wool and cashmere to begin with :/ The second it touches my skin it flares up in red patches.. I have the worlds most sensitive skin and it sucks :/

I wear layers but nothing with wool.. mostly cotton or light materials.. and that is why I'm screwed in this weather..
Oh and I fell last Feb and really hurt my back like you wouldn't imagine :(

7athreen :p

estre7ay mamaty entay 7adich emthay3a..

even sweeter:
yay I love picking peoples brains.. me want!

nothing helps full stop! shar mayeech 7abooba :*

smart cookie:
exactly they haven't seen such weather for 29 years! inshala bs y3ady w yfokna :/

l7gaay 3alay l7gaay 3alaay encha7aat mn elbait :p
so true.. its pathetically cold.. eyeeb elma7iii

Oh ohH! I want some! shm3na dooona?!? eeee ma3alaiha lena alaah..7ag naas w naas :(
abii coookies w abi hugs! Pay up dandee pay up!


you my dear you have impeccable taste in music..