Thursday, 14 January 2010

Jimmy Choo does Ugg!!

One thing that makes me tingle all over after Graff is Jimmy Choo shoes.. Just looking at a pair of Choo's I go googoo gaagaa.. If it was up to me I would live and sleep in Choo heels.. Their shoes are the epitome of shoe royalty and please spare me the Louboutin's are the IT shoe as they are of no comparison next to a pair of luscious Choo's! And if you do think so then you understand nothing about fashion and just follow trends with a blind eye I bet so many of you will hate my guts now :D Sorry truth had to be told as Jimmy Choo kicks every shoes arse from here to Timbuktu.. The intricate detailing on a Jimmy from its simplicity to its most extravagant utterly impeccable.. No other brand can produce fabulous foot candy from flats to heels to boots like Jimmy Choo they are most definitely shoes with a soul..

Anyhows Jimmy Choo had their collaborations here and there with other brands.. Their sorry to say not so pretty collaboration with H&M and then with Hunter.. loved them but couldn't find my size :( The Hunter-Choo wellies

And now Choo goes Ugg! Jimmy choo is teaming up with Ugg to create a comfy yet eye catching pairs for winter 2010!

"The collection, called Ugg & Jimmy Choo, will retail at decidedly high-end prices – from approximately £360 – in October.

'We are delighted to have created a special capsule that captures the best of both brands,' said Mellon, 'the legendary comfort of Ugg with the spirit of Jimmy Choo.' " Grazia

Can't wait for them..


Anony said...


Even Sweeter said...

Absolutely wicked! Can't wait

jarabtay nicholas kirkwood, my fav!!Soo showstopping o comfy, it's like ur wearing flats!

Danderma said...

4y... ma a7eb choos

el mojrem il moftary! El shoes etyanin lakin lazim a tiny jap lady wears them only! y3ni size 40 imsaweeh china 40 7g yahal... yekhalee il foot il jaikara ajkar o ajkar!!!!

O Khal Loubies yesteree7... you can never find one size for you ihnaak... albes size 39 for shoes A o size 42 for shoes B ma yekafenee? wain ga3deen? and you call your self a SHOE MAKER!


Inama ana 3n nafsi? a7la shoe maker bel deniya 3ndi Gucci... it takes a HORRIBLE size 40 and fits it into a gorgeous size 40 shoes so snugly... o they suddenly look so AMAZING... so lovely ... chinhom size 35... hatha ele worth being an IT shoe maker... at least in my dictionary :D

jooj said...

:S 6a7 mn 3aini mr choo 3al saree3.. no matter how practical uggies may be on a cold winter day.. they are still the most hideous piece of footwear made by man after crocs of course.. la7ad yz3al this is my personal opinion bas.. seriously mr choo.. not cool

f7ee7eely said...

fourmeeeeeeeeeeee fourmeeeeeeeeeee bel avenues gabel amsssss wa7da labsaaaaah rain boots madre hunter boots.....laiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish ??? elsheta 3endena ma'6rooooob khala9 mako bard lazem ey7alelooon bootat'hum........

identity said...

Jimmy Choo *sigh*
my love for choo's shoes is endlessly....
thats all i can say...

Smart CoOKie said...

97 lsanik XD
Louboutins got NOTHING on MY Jimmy Choo's. And the sooner stupid girls realize that, the sooner this world will take another step to be a better place. Yes, that's how much I'm in love!

Sarona said...
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Sarona said...

and I totally second what you said about the H&M thing

Sarona said...

That would be interesting and I know for a fact most of the people that were dissing the uggs would get them cause they're "Jimmy Choos" those people take the fun out of everything.
Can't wait to see how the collaboration will be like.. fun fun fun =)

serenade said...

i agree with you on the choo vs. louboutin argument,, my theory is that choos fit better on skinny legs and skinny girls,, loubies are a bit more chunky so they fit on all body types,,

still i wish jimmy choo would do more stylish pumps,, kinda like loubies,, i'm sick of the hundred and one strappy choos i own...

FourMe said...

i'm tired anony :(

even sweeter:
nop but i keep on hearing about them.. i'm off heels since summer I got a bit of a back issue.. when it gets better i'll get back on track :p


hehehe ya their shoes are kinda petite fit but u have to admit they are VERY pretty.

Louboutin can fuck themselves jowatehom zbalaa.. u slide ur foot in the shoe and u get blisters!! ee enzain en6ir khal akhith a step feek awal ba3dain fuck my foot up! no upon contact ur foot starts aching!

Gucci was good 10 years ago but not now :/ I'm convinced they changed their sole maker cuz they freakin poke like hell..

agree with u they are bulky and ugly and actually the ugliest shoes ever made BUT that's the point of the collaboration.. the same way they made the bland dull rubber Hunters look good I think they will be able to make the Uggs look decent for a change..

p.s. I dont like Uggs I prefer Sheep Skin they look less bulky from the front though the same ugly concept overall..

noooooo f7ee7eelyooo hathy was on the clock and just came out of a near by manhole and thought she'll have lunch then go back to work :p

dude I'm the rainiest city in europe and still feel iffy about wearing Hunters.. PLZ i remember i saw in kuwait during ramadan during the HOT weather a girl wearing booties in salhiya!! these girls don't know fashion even if it bit them in the arse..

THANK YOU! from now on you take anony's first place :p

smart cookie:
exactly! they don't see it.. they're just following the ugly trend.. join the club..

I'm baffled by what happened with H&M thing.. like really were they blind when they produced such pieces?! thing is H&M produces good high-street quality garments and Jimmy Choo superb high-end quality so what the fuck happened in between which made them produce cheap, plasticy, and odd cut pieces???!!

come on Loub's are literally the ugliest pumps on the planet! they have no shape a simple bulk of platforms and nothing else to look at..

check out Choo's summer2010 some good pieces there..

mrayty said...

i can never be a shoe person :S

madry :S