Monday, 4 January 2010

James Blunt

This man is simply amazing.. By far I think he is the best artist of the decade.. There is something special about his voice..

But the epitome of music perfection is hands down Goodbye My Lover.. it is his BEST till date.. I believe its the best song of the decade.. He outdone himself and every other artist with this song.. I doubt anyone can come near to creating such a beautifully written and emotional song.. I simply love it..


Anony said...

Mino hal 7ilo

Standy said...

anony 5aleesh 3ala abdul majeed o 5alee james 7alna ok =)

i love the song "goodbye my lover".. its amazing and i cant get enough of it..

Sumaiah said...

Hello there,
OMG i love u! this is my first comment as a blogger and im kind of hyper from excitement so 6awfely:p

i love james blunt too, he's really the greatest:)

C Victoria Balfour said...

James is indeed the greatest. Anyone who says otherwise is tone deaf - or just plain jealous!
It is time we all supported this ex-soldier who sings so beautifully and who has done so much to spread the best of British music around the world.

Amethyst said...

My fave would be 1973.

identity said...

LA2.. ma9adeg:O me and a few girl where talking about him the other day! HE IS THE BEST and his song "goodbye my love" is AMAZING!

BUT he scares me a5af mena oo a5af men the song ya3nii come on "TOOK YOUR SOUL OUT INTO THE NIGHT"

hehehe wayed ishta6yt!;p

Anonymous said...

:( .. ..... ... ... .. ........ ...... .... .... ....

. ....

FourMe said...

ee chena e7laiw!

hehe 7adhaa majeed anony..

same here.. its one of the best songs ever..

hello dear.. hehe so cute!

watch his interview in Top Gear .. you'll love him! he's so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet with the cutest sense of humour..

C Victoria:
Definitely he is one of the best around.

i like that one as well

so is the best!
hehe dont take it out of context.. when u say it like that sounds like a horror movie.

if only I can read dots..

1001Nights said...

How are we not friends in real life? :)

If you like listening James Blunt you might also enjoy James Morrison. Also Foy Vance. I really like that kinda of music.

FourMe said...

I'm asking myself the same question :)

Oh me likey..

FourMe said...

Ohh and u do know that I started blogging because of u right?

1001Nights said...

Oh my God that's awesome! I had no idea. :) How did that come about?

(ps I used to think you were one of my friends who stopped writing on her blog. I'll email you which blog it was you can read it, to me you guys have similar personalities.)

Anonymous said...

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