Friday, 8 January 2010

i see you.. ..

I was forced to watch the blue people movie today.. I went with the intentions of hating it because I simply don't like that type of movies.. but daaaaaaamn was it good!! I'm already packing my shit and moving to planet Pandora.. I don't care I wanna live there! I wana live in a place where when you walk the ground lights up.. it was so pretty!! James Cameron really really did a good job with this movie.. You know what they shouldn't be allowed to make movies this good because they make you hate your life.. I used to love planet earth and now I think it sucks!! I'm moving and that's that..

Now mind you sitting for 3 hours with those spasticated 3D glasses which gave me a migraine and the cinema being as cold as the streets was really the downfall of it.. It was so cold that I ended up wearing my jacket, put on my hoodie, and gloves ya3nii 3afya laish el3athaab :/ Well anyhow where ever you are go and watch Avatar it's worth seeing.. one of the most intriguing films of all time.. And I simply loved loveeeeeeeeed the song..

I see me through your eyes..
Now if someone tells me that there will be major melting going on my behalf..
i see you.. ..


Anony said...

Looool the blue ppl ;p but it was nice

Anony said...

Looool the blue ppl ;p but it was nice

falantan said...

Nitiri was more real to me than the human characters. they should make a new oscars category for "best animated character" and just hand it to Nitiri!

she was such a wildly powerful conduit to her emotions. Right on her face!

the movie's beautiful as you said, but should only be viewed in IMAX 3D imho. and preferably not in Kuwait ;P

I saw it in london 1st day and in kuwait again.. they cut some stuff here that are simply... wtf?? a fight scene with the dogs? a scene where Nitiri tells him not to thank her?? why cut that??

otherwise, the movie is simply "Dances with Navi"

mrayty said...

aby ashofa :(
me have exams :(

Anonymous said...

I see you..

FourMe said...

they're lil bluey monsters that u just wana hug'em.. so cute

she so was! i dunno if u watched Simone with Al Pacino.. where the computer generated actress wins an award.. they should do that in the oscars and have james cameron accept the award on her behalf if she wins.. as the emotions she showed when she found out he already knew about the plan were damn intense.. damn she was pissssssssed!

you're joking! what was the dog fight scene too aggressive for them?! Televised broadcasts of majlis eloma are more barbaric than that scene! they don't know what censoring is even if it smacked them on the face..

u must! just finish exams first.. good luck hun..


identity said...

i saw it.... and didnt really like it! ya3nii i saw it in kuwait and every few seconds imga6gyn so i should buy it and re-see it BUT the problem is its really LONG oo imga6a3 allah e3yn itha mu imga6a3?;s

TOUCHE' said...

I'm against all types of hypes specially when it comes to movies and thought the early critics were too exaggerating, the truth is that JK took CGI to a new level and really raised the bar this time (actually he does it each time).
The immaculate detailed world combined with incredible cinematography, it felt like it had been directed by Spelbierg genuineness, Miachael Mann attention for details and through the eyes of Sam Mendes. It's an eye feast.

Though the storyline is predictable, I still loved the multiple hidden messages and interpretation it offered.