Friday, 15 January 2010

i fucked up

i have done some stupid shit in my life but this THIS gotta be the stupidest!
well done FourMe once again you have shocked the fuck out of me..
i must be one sadistic nutcase that enjoys torture.
when will you ever learn when?!
toooooo damn stubborn..
i fucked up good.


Anony said...

La elaha la allaah

Faith said...

sorry sweetheart
but ur doing it again :(
enjoy the torture for now until tne next one is on.

Danderma said...

4y!??!?!?! shimhabea?!

mrayty said...

it happens 7beeby...we all fuck up every now and then...dont beat yourself up over it

as long as you dont make a habit out of it =)

if i had to count the number of times eli i fucked up, then i would spend the rest of my life counting haha ;P

bas the trick is not to do the same mistake twice...or you know....three times times max ;P

dont beat yourself up over it 7beeby =)

Average.Q8i said...

Allah Kareem; Allah Kareem; Yhawwen el Jar77 el Aleem ..

identity said...


S said...

aah... you'll live
just try not to kill anyone, including urself.. and everything else will work itself out

Anonymous said...

check your mail