Saturday, 23 January 2010

Golden Balls

Freakin hilarious!! If you haven't heard or seen yet well some Italian reporter or actress or fuck knows what went up to David Beckham and tugged his jewels :p Hahaha that woman has solid balls of her own! She claimed that she wanted to know if he really had that bulge in the Armani underwear ads or if he was a stuffer! Really can you blame her?! Who wouldn't wana touch the legendary Becks hell who wouldn't want to touch the royal jewels themselves!! Becks jewels!!!! Okaay time for the virgin to shut up..

Note: I had to resist very very hard to keep this a clean post just for the sake of those under-agers reading this blog :/


Anony said...


Sarona said...

please don't make your blog PG rated =/ bash out and in worst cases have a a disclaimer

7aneen said...

that is hilarious!

Faith said...

Shame on you @@
What’s your mom’s #?
I’m so telling on you

Average.Q8i said...

LOOOOOOL; I Heard about itt..

I Really Dont Blame Her ;p ..

O Please dont Filter your posts; I Really Love them as they are ..

f7ee7eely said...

average q8i eshqa9dek when u said u dont blame her ?:P

lostgirl said...

i love your posts full stop :p

Amethyst said...

LOL! That's hilarious! Maynoona, 7abait'ha :D

ahraraza87 said...

Normal balls, why all the gossip about it? I bit David Beckham didn't have sex for 1 or 2 weeks. That's why you see the bulge. Pretty fucking normal.

FourMe said...


I actually made that post pg rated for my sake not for the sake of the youngsters :p


yes i'm shameless :D
i beat you to it.. before i posted i told mummy about it :p

i don't like filtering.. I've been filtering alot these days :(

ur not a football fan u won't understand :p

thank u dear :)

big time! But really why wear gloves?! like HELLO you're going in for the kill you might as well get a PROPER feel of the area!

That's David Beckham.. The man who can score from midfield with one touch of the ball.. He is a ONE of a kind.. I'm no expert in the feild but that would just give him blue balls it wouldn't make them look That big..

plastique said...

a5aaaaih 3ala el9orah =D

Smart CoOKie said...

LOL that was awesome. But I didn't get it. Did she grab his balls? wla she couldn't? I think he stuffed his underwear.

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooooooooooL is that real?!!! Maskeen he looked so shocked!