Sunday, 31 January 2010


For those who follow footie know what today's match means.. Utter and pure rivalry to the bone.. Supporters of both teams lose their tempers on such face off's.. And needless to say yours truly goes insane when those two meet..

Seeing my body could not take any more abuse of smacking, bashing, and slamming.. I opted for clearing everything from sight, sat on the floor in front of the tv, and held my msba7 3ashan asabi7 wana atabi3 in an effort to control the profanities that would be flying out of my lips.. Oh boy oh boy was it a match to remember :D

A thrashing they shall NEVER forget especially when it's on their GROUND haha in your faces you bastards!! The
FIRST goal went in and I started jumping on the floor like a penguin (doesn't matter if it was an OG and their keeper has butterfingers) A GOAL IS A GOAL and that goal could NOT be saved, world class shot! SECOND goal went in and I started yelling YESSYESSS YESSSSSS uncontrollably :p Yes i was having a footie orgasm hehehee just thinking of that second one it makes me tingle all over :D And let me tell you by the THIRD goal I was in a state of euphoria.. Absolute, complete, and utter state of bliss.. Ahhh feels sO damn good to beat the wankers.. Beating them and the faggots in blue shirts is worth more than any trophy..

Only 11 boys can give me such pleasure.........




p.s. that's an old pic but those were the exact emotions :D


Anony said...

shesalfa shino mino shloon

Anony said...

i love u too:P

but i dont love the world :P

Anony said...

al7een khal agra el post :P

Anony said...

waaay el rayaal wayha zoooqa :P

Anony said...

3ashaaaaw 3ashaaaaaaaaaaaaaw


Anony said...

wal amadre shino elsalfa wala im interested :P bs eshte6a6ech wanasnee :P

6aa6 6aaa6 :P

FourMe said...

hehehehheee aham shay "etshafi6"
cracked me UP!

i LOVE THE WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.. everyone everything.. including the asswipes that we beat :D

Average.Q8i said...

U Deserved itt; \

'el 3eshg Balwa Ya Arsenal' ..

But that what Makes Me a True Arsenal Fan; Living with the team in sickness and Health ..

And The Day of Fergie's Fall is approaching Dear FourMe ..

Bess Again U Deserved it ..
congratulations Dear FourMe ..

FingerPrint said...


Seeing Fergie jump up and down like a kid .. Wegner furious with everything .. The boys running up and down .. The missed chances, the close calls ..

Footiegasm as you would say <3

identity said...

amazing amazing game today..

MAN U left me speechless.. i know inhum great but 3-1 ma3a arsenal was WOW...
i never did like them BUT after watching one game 3 months ago with my cousin i have been head over heels in love with them....

i have been a faithful fan of barca for the past 7-8 years of my life never missed a game always there to support them BUT after that one game malat MAN U... it changed my whole point of thinking i fell in love hahaha..
inshalla doom ur happy chethy:D

Danderma said...

so u will be watching this jolly old man jump up and down cheering on his team... with a mesba7 in ur hands?

4y you won't be offended at me laughing at the image of u right? i am this close to exploding in laughter!

FourMe said...

Awwww my little baq9ooma aren't ya a good sportsman.. I'd be kicking and screamin if I were in ur place :p

Thank u my lovely boy..

Ohh daaarling it was phenomenal.. Loved it to bits..

And just seeing their topman sitting with his head down like a bitch made it all the better :D

It was truly pleasurable ;)

No am sorry u can't love Barc and the red devils at the same time.. Pick a team woman! Its either or... :p

Hehe I cannot be this happy all the time cuz I'd probably get a heart attack from being over joyous..

Laugh all u want deary :* hehe I know I look hilarious as sometimes I laugh at myself :p

If u think that's funny then you should have seen me last wed.. Was exhausted from being at hospital all day long with mummy, got back an hour before the match.. Imagine I was so tired yet I stayed up to watch the match and not only that but I ate whilst watching, dried my hair infront of the tv, and prayed during half time.. But I was too tired to be excited I was on mute throughout the match and only expressed my feelings via hand gestures :p that day I looked damn hilarious as I was pointing the hairdryer at the tv and pulling my hair.. Really how spasticated can I get :p

So yes I am a one woman show when watching a match.. Can't help it dande I'm in love.. I have no control over me when it comes to my weaknesses :D

serenade said...

congrats! lol you share the same emotions as I do when watching a game,, my own kids are afraid of me >,< but I only get this way for my local team and national team,, so many disappointments, I sometimes wonder what's the point? but I have too much national pride in me ;p

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Traveleer said...

I went crazy too. what a match to remember! the second goal is the best goal I have seen this season! pace, detirmenation and accuracy!
But don't let anybody know you are in London. Those Arsenal fans will hunt you down hehehehe.

FourMe said...

FYI once I sat with the Arse' fans and jumped with joy when our boys scored TWICE :D yes I was going o get killed that die but I did NOT care..

I'm never scared to show my love especially when it comes to those 11..

:::ShoSho::: said...

;) You know i love Man utd but madri leesh I don't like their manager! :/