Monday, 18 January 2010


- i love this picture! Simple yet there is so much to it.. I can stare at it for hours just thinking what could be going through her mind.. She's beautiful, demure, yet provocative..

- i saw one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen in my entire life.. Amazingly dressed, early 30s, tanned skin, short greyish hair, unshaven face, tall, handsome, and had the MOST beautiful baby blues I have EVER seen.. I usually don't like men with coloured eyes but this man!! Dear lord have mercy mashala mashalaa breathtaking beautiful eyes and complete package.. I'm embarrassed to say I actually stopped and looked at him.. I checked him out *puts her head down in shame* .. you know if I was in a better mood when I saw him I would have easily gone up to him and told him how beautiful he was ( yes sometimes I have no shame).. thing is I know him somehow or know him by name or something cuz I know for a fact he's a Saudi I just can't remember who he is!! He's definitely made it to my Most Beautiful Men list..

1. The Afghani
(most beautiful man God has ever created)
2. The Kuwaiti
(married but I don't mind being his 2nd)
3. The Lebanese/French
(his tattoo makes me melt :p )
4. The Saudi
(baby blue hottie *sigh*)

Can I marry them ALL please? pretty please..
Do you have a Most beautiful men/women list?
(real people not celebs)

- i is loving this song.. that damn first 40 seconds get to me.. Gets to me to the point that when I'm out and hear it I start bobbing me head around like a little teenager.. I am an embarrassment to myself :D


Average.Q8i said...

For Anoonyy

Anonymous said...

3ash baq9ooma <3

Anony said...

Haw shako 6ala3 anonymous @@

Danderma said...

el7een kil hal holaayla o sar number 4?!

o shloon s3odee ib hal jamal? el3ada mako 3ndohom 3yon zerg?

hmmm most beautiful people?

I would have to say i am talking about faces only... ok... real life? sa3ba 3ndi wayed celebrity jameleen... bs real life?

it has to be my uncle (khalee) masha2 allah he is simply the most handsome man in Kuwait... followed masha2 allah by my husband :D but my hubby ba66a ishwaya o zero sense of style yet still he passes the criteria...

Faith said...

Saudi? Saudi parents? Like Saudi for sure?
Anyways if he’s a pure Saudi then he’s a jerk. Yup.. a one of a kind hot jerk.

Glitter said...

Abiiiiii ashooooooof...

Couldn't you y3ni sneekily took his pic with ur mobile or something ? :/


Me bobbing my head too :D

Smart CoOKie said...

I must work on my list of the most beautiful.

Even Sweeter said...

The italian dude who works in Armani! He's just soooo good ,fit,o he got a big ego ...
and I love it!

OH and matthew! "mattew" with his french accent

identity said...

i still didnt find a guy that was WOW...
bess ako this one guy that makes me go loco...
victor valdes this guy makes me go loco serioulsy
hes in barca oo the best part is im LOCO about barca too.. no i dont like barca because of him i adore barca men ana yahel... my love for barca its.... i cant find the word;$

FourMe said...

new rules.. ma7ad ya7jiz 7ag a7ad..


well yaa only 4 :/
cuz number 1 will NEVER move.. imagine dandee once we were out a bunch of us and we were engaged in a serious conversation and we were disturbed 2 or 3 times by women who came up to him and started hitting on him while i was standing right next to him!!! so to anyone they could easily think i'm his gf but he is THAT beautiful that women come up to him and just start literally flirting and not caring who is with him!

and 2 well he has the attitude.. so I can't move him from his place.. as for number 3 well I can't down grade him.. he's tattooed and that means a hell of alot in my books :p

et9adgen ma kan fy chloo7at esaudies so he could possibly be a half/half

i'm sure he has saudi blood in him but dunno about pure.. and YES saudo men have the jerk gene in them :/

hehehheheh imagine i took a pic of him! how insane would that be :p

*bobs along with glitter*

smart cookie:
yes *sighhh*

let us know when ur done from it..

hehehe i don't like TOO much ego.. but just a hint is good ;)

i wish u can see my 4 then u would really say WOW and quadruple wow..

and pep guardiola *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*