Thursday, 28 January 2010


I've been looking for this song since August.. its been stuck in my head for that long! I was going mad trying to find it and couldn't cuz no one from the dimwits around me knew it including Anony!

Me likey this one as well.. t3awir galbi hal ghniya..

i love this one..

And really I can't have a post about oldie music and not include the best one..

p.s. my 11 babies WON :D


Anony said...

Stupid mobile I can't see the song !! Sh'hal song eli I couldn't find it !! O since Aug. :o

Traveleer said...

I love old songs. I am stuck in the 80s and 90s. I stopped listening to songs since 2002

YES we won! what a win! we put the pretenders in their place :)

Anonymous said...

heeeey i gaved u wagef 3ala babi @@

im at work cant type much lol



Anonymous said...

Congrats on ur "11 babies" :P
and if u want a true "Oldie" listen to this amazing song ;p

may she rest in peace

PS: My offer lail7een 3al sa7a ;p 3 days left :P ha u wanna go out?:P

AKuwaitiAttitude said...

Some great songs right there!

FourMe said...

yaa well it wasn't the one i was looking for!

80s rocked.. newbie arabic music sucks big time

mansiya 3ad :/

hehe what is this a blogging blind date?

sure are.. old is gold..

Anonymous said...

Shfeeha mansiya ;S

Hmm 3ayal listen to this :P

Anonymous said...

hmm.. just trying to help a fellow kuwaiti citizen .. u can call me.. "fa3il khair" ;P

Amethyst said...

OMG! Mn wain em6al3a Wagef 3ala Babekum! I love <3