Saturday, 5 December 2009


-X asks Y for Z.
-Y agrees to deliver Z (with NO demands whatsoever).
-X waits impatiently for Z.
-Y does not deliver Z. Even though Y has ALREADY agreed to deliver Z soon.
-Y out of the blue demands V from X and states that Z will not be delivered without V being received first!!
-X refuses to deliver V in order to receive Z because it was not part of the deal to begin with.
-Yet X will deliver V at a later time.

-How many think Y is being completely and utterly UNFAIR and should stick to the initial deal and deliver Z to X and V should be kept out of the equation?


MiYaFuSHi said...

Too little info...but the saying 6arara o itishara6 comes to mind :p

Isnt Y doing x a favor in the first place? was there some kind of time limit?

why are humans and objects both allocated alphabet letter variables? Are you working in slavery? :p

Standy said...

Y is totally being UNFAIR,,

Average.Q8i said...

Y; y2ammen Musta8bala!!

atoona said...

lol! this is mind twisting ;p

I think Y might be influenced by an outside source, i mean who agrees to something and then suddenly plays the ransom game :/

either that or Y is too lazy to bring Z, or is just bored and wants conjure up some dilemma action :P

R.. said...

I didn't get it!! ;p
Explain shway shway again;p

Smart CoOKie said...

I think it's OK. Things come up. Maybe Y didn't need V earlier & now Y does & thought its a good opportunity to ask for V. That been said, X have all the right to be mad. But good thing that X is flexible.

Anony said...

i think they should stick to the deal

Y ye6la3la 6al3at malha lazma :P

3ala qulat rweeshed el kilma KILMAa

weeenik ya ba9qoma mastash'hadt berweeshed :P

FourMe said...

On the contrary.. X has delivered V's to Y on various occasions.. So in a way Y is indebted to X! But who's listening..
Hehe no slavery :p

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

No Y is just being difficult for no apparent reason..

U said it! Y is s0 doing the ransom thingy.. Y is not lazy but probably enjoying having the upper hand.

Hehehee magdar :p
Read it again and you'll see that Y is being unreasonable ..

Smart cookie:
Nop Y doesn't need V as X has supplied Y with multiple V's. Exactly X has the right to be annoyed and demand Z ASAP!!

Exactly!! Y must stick the deal as a word was given!

Y needs to be taught how to keep a word especially when its regarding Z.

Âme said...

I think there is more to the story than just putting down the equation.

Some background please for better judgment.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Nothing more to the story as in plain and simple points that is how it stands.

1. X wants Z.
2. Y is being stubborn
3. X should get Z without giving V because a deal is a deal.
4. Period.

zwena said...

Y khal yestereee7 :P

Âme said...

I still think there is more to it than simply stating

Since there is no enough data provided, I stand neutral and yet, I feel Z and V don't hold that importance compared to the words in between the lines.

I guess Y should deliver as X is willing to deliver at a later time.

~ Soul

Mrs. said...

u definately should keep V out!!

Um Mit3ib said...

ana shakhsiyan ma fahamt shay;p

Traveleer said...

Y is unfair. Life is not fair.
if Z is important to X, then X should deliver V and get Z. Life is about compromise and adapting

Glitter said...

Your Y is as silly as my Y, and X rocks ;-)

R.. said...

ok then hes being unreasonable ;p

Um Mit3ib said...

Glitter.. can u not talk about Y in front of me or in public for that matter? i still didnt forget wht u did with the whole reham situation ;p

Anonymous said...

X kept the promise.