Wednesday, 16 December 2009

PMS 101

I've come across so many females from different age groups which don't know what PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is or when it occurs. It is shocking seeing 80% (rough estimate) of women world wide suffer from PMS! Then you have 8% that suffer from PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder), like yours truly and the rest are just bloody lucky who feel nothing whom we really really don't like :( PMS occurs ten days-one week before your menstrual cycle begins. Now I'm no doctor so don't take my word for it but I've suffered from it all so you can call me an expert on the matter unfortunately.

Here are some symptoms, do's, don'ts, and some possible treatments..

-Cravings.. Most commonly sweets but cravings vary from one female to the other.
-Mood swings
-Crying spells
-Elevated body temperature
-Joint pains
-Increase in jealousy (applicable to woman in relationships/marriages)
-Tenderness of breasts
-Sleep deprivation
-Hot flashes

With PMDD its all those symptoms intensified with addition to sever depression that lasts around 2 weeks before the menstrual cycle commencing.

There are various treatments from herbal remedies to antidepressants. During the duration of PMS there are things that can ease the discomfort:
-Chamomile tea (calms one down)
-Evening Primrose Oil pills (does wonders for milder cases of PMS)
-Warm baths before bedtime
-3 days before your cycle ibuprofen should be taken daily to reduce cramps.

-Caffeine (increases anxiety)
-Fizzy drinks (increases bloating)
-Excessive binging as one is more prone to gain weight

If PMS is sever and disrupting your life then there are options:
-Certain contraceptive pills
-Hormonal IUD
-Injections that suppress periods for 6 months to a year depending on the case

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) includes Progesterone and Estradiol.
-Combination of patches or gels with pills
-Small implant in hip removed every 6 months with pills

In sever PMS cases a duration of 6 month course of Prosac is advised as it could be a permanent solution to stabilise mood swings caused by sever depression during period of PMS/PMDD.

Most PMS reduces dramatically if not completely with pregnancy. Or you can just get this bullshit done with and have your uterus removed :/ Now if only men would appreciate the hell we go through and tolerate us more during those crappy times it would make everyone's life easier..


Anony said...


Âme said...

There was no civilization which prospered without regarding woman high.

She's brings and propagates life, taking pain.

I salute the woman.

~ Soul

..::Amu::.. said...

hello dr fourme :p

Glitter said...

VERY Informative post :D

Now true I skimmed it becoz i'm one of the 2% mentioned above- (Don't hate me for it)

But i'll send it to my cuz, I bet she will highly benefit from it, so thanks moqaddaman ;)

serenade said...

apparently it gets better once you're married,, not sure if it's true,, in my case it used to be painful then got better as i grew older,, got married,, still ok,, but now occasionally it does get painful,, i get depressed a bit and hormonal,,

but i've noticed that when i'm really busy with a lot of things on my mind,, i don't notice it at all,, when i don't have anything on my mind,, and it's a holiday or weekend,, then it becomes really painful,,

so my suggestion is get busy and inshalla you'll feel better,,,

mrayty said...

@ ~soul,


I think ur the only male on this planet who's said a word of appreciation!

I thank u :D

Âme said...


No need to thank. I think what I said was commonsense.

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

I have pmdd :( its no where near funny.

I took the pill and it worked wonders for me.

- single
( mali 5lg i sign into my account. Im not on my laptop )

Standy said...

it is true.. most female i know dont know what pms is or what are the changes that you go though..

i should send this post to someone hehehe..

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for my PMS to lessen... I had a baby 4 months ago but my cramps and physical pain (back,etc) are worse than it ever was before. So not only do I get to wake up for those middle of the night feedings but I also wake up from middle of the night cramps. It never ends (sigh).

FourMe said...


Teach your fellow species to appreciate us more..

When you've been through the hell of it you reach a point where you know more than doctors do :p

Yes I remember you and Lala* (wonder where she is!!) don't feel a thing *angry*

My pleasure.. Hope it helps her one way or the other :)

Yes they do say with marriage or having sex continuously it eases the cramps and release some hormone which I forgot what its called which helps with the mood swings..

Walaa lo mo busy lo magdar a7ik rasi ham its painful .. It doesn't matter, though it differs between one month and the other where one month it lessens then the next back to normal.

Maybe we should clone him and have little souls running around the world making up for all the crappy men..

Pmdd is NOT funny at all.. Its not only torture but it is absolute hell!

You're lucky! The pill drove me MAD no joke it drove me psychotic I was literally walking and fighting with myself. I went off it and on patches and hormone pills.

So many women don't know it and when pmsing the men around them think they are just being difficult! Not only women need to be educated about pms but men too..

No no noooo no! Plz don't say that! That is the only permanent solution I was given.. They said with pregnancy it would get better :(

Maybe you need couple of months till your hormones settle down :/ inshala it'll get better for you..

Zabo0o6a said...

PMS sucks!
I got my period 2daay and i thought by any minute that i'm gonna see the light and float!
I swallowed 7 pruffens to narrow down the pain !