Sunday, 27 December 2009


Funny how can one song be associated with so many memories.. just by listening to it takes me years back to an exact memory.. stuck in morning jam with my girlfriends late to 9am lecture with Prof. Audrey.. had 2 hours sleep.. body aching from the heels I was wearing the night before.. one of them had her hair up because she was slapping on Creme de la Mer before she did her make up, wearing a beige jumper and jeans.. the other one was playing with her phone, she was wearing a Dolce jean jacket.. I was in front in a pink jumper trying to conceal the puffiness around my eyes.. and this song came on the radio.. I remember putting the volume up and telling them to shut up cuz it just made me happy listening to it.. if I'm not mistaken that was 2002.. i wish I can go back to those days.. ..

Now ask me what I did 2 hours ago and I promise you I won't remember..

p.s.Anony: I still can't remember that name!! It is driving me insane..


Anony said...

Yes3edli hal sabaaa7 ;*

So'al yesda7 nafsaaa entay laish mo nayma??

Anony said...

Loooool mayenfa3 et'alfeen esem ?? ;p walla agooolech alfaay esem o pretend ena sij hatha ohwa el elsem and if they said noo! Golaay siiij! I always thought that's the name ;p suits u well ;p

Amethyst said...

Aw! i love remembering detailed memories.

Shakhbari the song;p

Average.Q8i said...

one thing that makes me look forward for the day of judgement; is the fact that i will remember evereything vividly ..

zuz said...

Sha5baaaari :o perdonooo :p I remember enny kent ast7y asm3ha jeddam rab3y :p it was so gay back in the day!:p

FourMe said...

ys3edli msaach :*
hehe i had way too much coffee and couldn't sleep..

woman i can't :/ I racked my brain bs mako fayda I cannot remember!! hehehe just imagine me saying that :p
I'll tell u the story later and you'll see why I can't say that :D

sometimes its a curse to remember so much details :/

eee 7adaa ghbara..

when you're 15 u look forward to it.. near to 30 u dread it and around 60 probably fear it :/

unless you've behaved better than I have then you have nothing to worry about :p

gay?! if grown men can listen to I Will Survive with no shame then you should have been able to listen to this one.. btw the words aren't bad either..