Sunday, 6 December 2009

Mininova :(

What the fuckty fuck has happened to Mininova?!!!
I've been busy lately and haven't got my goodies from them.. I check and get the shock of my life!
For fuck me sake where am I supposed to get my episodes from now!!
Motherfucking courts and bitchass regulations ruining the world :(
MY EPISODES !! Where am I going to get MY EPISODES from??
Seriously people where?!
Emm HELP as I will go psycho if I don't see my episodes on time *Very sad*

GoodBye Mininova :(
I hate technology but I always loved you as you never failed to please me.. You shall be missed..


Glitter said...

1st !

Glitter said...

Wain Anony?

Sorry bs ma asaddig!!

*GG humbly tetnazal 3an mokanha 7ag Anony*

Sarona said...

I know it was a sad day =( but when there's a will there's a way

for TV Shows check this:

Sarona said...

*WHERE there's a will...
sorry typo

Single said...


Aurous said...
it's even better than mininova for tv episodes :)

Candy said...

Its not workin properly these days,tara miniova is not the only torrent site,but its the most famous one, I download ma eps from here

Âme said... (unlimited download of ANY TV Show legally for $35 per year.. around 10 KD)
Unlimited VIP Access and support for $49.95 - $11.65/year


~ Soul

Average.Q8i said...

I Loved; Bess They took it out :( ..

Men waiin my CSI;NY Episodes; I feel lost without them ..

Standy said...

=( that is a sad news..
i use limewire or ares, bas its not THAT effective..

R.. said...

i use limewire bs wayed viruses ;@
fa i dont recommend it ..
oo haman ako

A Journal Entry said...

i knooooooow!! =(
they told me about torrentz but it's blocked!

these days im trying torrentzap oo so far it looks ok..

Danderma said...

hellooo... ya bawaqat il fashion needs! I need 3 LBD's b3d o i already bought my self one o stopped my self from buying another one... o both fall to just on the knees...

o i saw a OTK boots in Instyle UK two days ago bs madry min wain kanaw... i will have a look o get back to u

His said...

try direct downloads such as