Friday, 18 December 2009

Junk in the Trunk

You think Brazil and instantly think beauty.. They are known for beauty in every form from women, scenery, football, to their festivals.. But NOW now they are known for their booty.. For their beautifully crafted arses.. Their national monument of Christ the Redeemer is to be changed to the Brazilian Butt..

Yes boys and girls the Brazilian Buttock is the most demanded plastic surgery across the globe. There is a Brazilian butt craze, plastic surgeons are making fortunes out of the Brazilian butt! Now we know plastic surgery is growing market for both men and women.. Both are having procedures done left and right and so far everything has been tolerated but and ohh there is a big butt here.. Do you want a woman with a fake Butt? The butt has always been an untouched area.. It's one of those body parts that one automatically believes its genuine.. Well not anymore because the butt has been tapped.. Its fake.. No more o'natural butts.. Truly sad day for butts everywhere..

Now I think where is the harm? Why not have a world with beautiful arses? Why not boost the booty and have men reduced to absolute puddles at the sight of the Brazilian? What's wrong with having extra cushioning? Is it so outrages to plump a saggy booty into a bootylicious Brazilian?

Are we FOR or AGAINST the Brazilian Butt?

p.s. If any ladies out there want to have a Brazilian Butt they say Tony Nassar (clinic in Verdun shopping mall) in Beirut does the most amazing Brazilian.. Plus he had 10 or so years work experience in the homeland of the butt Brazil..


Anony said...


Anony said...

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool hahahahahahahaha ekhtee etgol ell 3amaleya mo zeena ;p obaar a7saaan ;p hahahahahhaha

Average.Q8i said...

I Adore Your Unwillingness to say 'ass' Throughout the post ..

NO NO NO; I want Everything natural in my Gal ..

serenade said...

lol before voting yay or noy,, maybe you should read this..

Allahuma la shmata,, wake up people o goolaw il7imdilla!

FourMe said...

Tell your sis the injections aren't good as well cuz sometimes they become like lumps and makes the buttock look uneven :p

Hehe I tried to resist baq9ooma but it wasn't easy.

Hmm natural.. Sounds good..

I honestly don't care for that procedure but simply showing what people are into these days..

its a craze in the world of plastic.. Women of all ages are having it done.. You'd be shocked at the numbers..

Soul said...

hmmmmmmm.. yel3an om el technologya 7ata el makwa ma slemat menha! la o 3ashan meno? 3ashan el reyayeeeeeel! la7ad egooli mo 3ashan el reyayeel! reyayeel el 3azaaaaaaa.. men zeenhom 3aaad.. lo mahma el wa7da etfa5at wela shaddat o maddat be5oonoonha.. 3yoon zay'3a ya3al 3yoonhom el ba6 gooloo ameeeeen..

mrayty said...

@ soul,

FourMe said...

Ameeeen.. Thba7atna hal technologya dahya tshelha ehy w ryayeel eb youm wa7id.. Yakhtich ma y3jibhom el3ajab no matter what you do you can't please a man.. Nothing ever satisfies them nothing is ever enough!

Ok true that majority of women do take care of their appearance to impress men but at the same time there are women who don't give a fuck what a man thinks.. Tgdreen tgoleen eho w 6ofa wa7id..

serenade said...


Anonymous said...

'Wain ilbaladiya 3ankom'

- 3abdel7sain 3abderretha

Danderma said...

Wow, the term brazilian has really extended its meaning to all under belly area

now what on earth is a brazillian arse? y3ni Jlo like wella African like willa shino bel thab6??? hay shino b3d? yanaw il nass?!

eshda3wa said...

i love my own kuwaiti ass

them brazilians got nothing on me!