Sunday, 20 December 2009

i want one

I am watching a programme about Nobel Prize winners for 2009 and my blood is boiling. Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama is wrong on so many levels that it is simply unacceptable! To begin with he has not achieved "Peace" the award goes to those who have achieved whereas he is still in the process of achieving. It is wrong to award a man a peace prize while his country is involved in 2 conflicts, presence in Iraq and Afghanistan with current deployment of 30,000 soldiers under his orders. It is wrong to receive an award for peace with one hand and sign off wars with the other. The price of Peace is not blood.

Don't get me wrong I respect Obama for some of his politics unlike his predecessor idiotic policies. It is undeniable that he initiates peace by being open to discussions with the troublemakers of the world unlike the previous moron who just wanted to blow them all up. Obama has yet to deliver peace he has yet to deliver stability he has spoken of it countless times but has not delivered. True matters cannot be solved in a blink of an eye but he has been in office for a year and we have yet to see any peace. The committee should have waited till he has proved himself to be worthy of such a prestigious award.

Throughout this year I have spoken about wanting peace as much as Obama has and if it is being awarded on words then I have said many. I want me a damn Nobel Peace Prize!!


Anony said...


Faith said...

I was shocked as well walla y3ni it’s such a mess what the hell has he done to earn it??!!

mrayty said...

Nobel prizes are overrated ;Pp

I believe back in the 1970s, the nobel prize in psychiatry was awarded to a dentist because he discovered electroconvulsive therapy...

While he was trying to electrocute his schizophrenic brother to death ;Pp

Which (I dont knw etha fortunantely or unfortunantely) in this case didnt work, and the brother didnt die, but once he got up, he found out that all his schizophrenic symptoms were gone! ;p

I would've liked to hear his acceptance speech at the ceremony though ;P

"This award has taught me that trying to kill ur schio brother can be beneficial in more ways than one, so I'd like to thank you all for this prize"

Irony is a funny thing ;p

Anony said...

Omg ana 7adee emthay3aa!

Ana gareeth el title o sheft el soora ;p I thought u wanted a golden coin 3aleha sortech ;p

3ashan chethy agol 3ajeeba :$ llooooool ashkara magareet shay hahahaha ;p

zwena said...

Ana abe leica hermes edition the orange one :(

Average.Q8i said...

I Second FourMe To HavE One ..

Mr Nobel; Give FourMee on of ur Prizes .. :/ ..

No identity.. said...

LooooL ....yea indeed you should have one.. :-D

No identity.. said...
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Wicked said...


I'd like To quote Michael Moore on this
"Congratulations president Obama on the Nobel Peace prize - Now please EARN it"

FourMe said...

7abeebty entay nayma bl3asal :p
yes and I love my picture s0 much that i would want one in gold.. ahaa ya right..

I have NO clue darling! so far all he did was talk.. no actions yet!

Oh don't you dare! I love them!

hehe yes killing a brother would most definitely earn one an award :p

ok I'll tell Santa.. now can you tell Santa what I want?

oh yes oh yes yes pleasee :D

no identity:
from your mouth to Gods ears..

my fingers are crossed.. let's hope he really DOES earn it :/

Single said...

enshala min 3yooni. low beedy chan 3a6aitich bedal alwa7da thentain ;*

FourMe said...

its ok I'm not greedy just the one will be fine :p

I've had my eye on that award since I was a kid :( i really really want one..

Shalala said...

I don't get it

In science, Nobel prizes are given to achievements 20+ years later; they say they want to evaluate the benefits of a discovery over a long period of time before granting the prize.

Obama did not even complete A YEAR of presidency! WTF ????