Monday, 21 December 2009

i am 2 years old!!

511 Posts (plus couple deleted ones)
2 years of blogging
and 6 friends whom I truly treasure..

It is that time again.. Time for my little teeny weeny bloggy to turn a year older.. Time for my precious baby to celebrate.. Oh how I adore you bloggy and absolutely cherish you.. You've become a part of me and so has FourMe.. Through you sweet bloggy I've known six magnificent people.. Six people whom I wouldn't trade for anything in the world as each is unique in their own way.. As for the rest of the fabulous people who visit you and read what is written across your pale pages.. those I adore and appreciate everything they had said and will say.. Much appreciated lovelies :)

You brought me two wonderful years..
And let's hope there are many more to come..

Happy Birthday my darling bloggy..
Cheers baby :*


serenade said...

don't mean to take anony's place,, but I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday :*

Anony said...

Sereeeena :@

u didn't mean to take my place !! U didn't mean too take my pla
ce o entay makhtheta ashkaraaa :@

Ya3ne u couldn't wait??? U couldn't freakingwait :@

Some post u can't comment under any circumstances untill I do !!

6ala3teeni men 6oore 7asbli allah 3ala el 3adoo

*breaths in, breath out, breaths in, breaths out*

Home <3

Happy 2nd year ;*

FourMe said...

hehe may god help u.. u angered the little anony :p

thank you darling :*

laish laish tnameen!! its your fault :p

thaaaank u :*

and thank u for being there all that time and tolerating my mood swings *blushes*.. without you it would have been a very boring experience.. you made it fun and psychotic :D

if it wasn't for this bloggy I wouldn't of had anony in my life *very scary thought*

Shwaish said...

happy birthday :D

Faith said...

Happy birthday
I think people love your blog cuz you always pour out the plain truth in the maddest rawest most furious way. but you still manage to stay sweet and kind.
How did my praise do? *_*

Lady GiGi said...

happy birthdaaay! and what a wonderful two years we had with you.

Candy said...

I totally agree with faith,..e-x-a-c-t-l-y true,and blogger is really a healthy community to0 get to know people.

Its one of those blogs that I enjoy reading every line of it,many many happy return lil formue blog <3

Euphoria said...

Happy B day! :D

serenade said...

lol ma yiswa 3alay,,, lo 7agra ilpost a7sanly!

Average.Q8i said...

Happy Birthday FourMe ..
Im Very Happy For u .. And Hope these days where u wanted to stop blogging to not come back Again ..

Your Blog is not only an important part of u .. But also a part of us reading ur blog ..

Where Only if a few days Go By without u posting becomes a Worry .. :/ ..

And Ask Anonyyyy .. :) ..


Standy said...

i agree with faith too =)
you are amazing by the way..

Happy 2 years and to many more on the way inshallah =)

p.s your blog is a must read and check daily ;)

eshda3wa said...

happy blog bday :)

his said...


ZoN said...

kil sina w entay and your blog bkhair abblah :)
3o2bal 100 years :P

Even Sweeter said...

Happyy blog birthday ;*

What a hit FOURME has been! ;p

Anonymous said...

Âme said...

:) I have always loved the ways you express yourself in.

Ultimately we get to see you.

~ Soul

Âme said...

Happy Birthday Bloggy :)

Live long and prosper.

~ Soul

Sarona said...

Happy bloggy Birthday!!!

FourMe said...

Thanx babe..

Hahaha keep it coming its doing wonders :p
At times I know I can be tad blunt but some things can't be sugar coated.. I hope I don't offend anyone.. Thank u darling :*

Lady gigi:
Been a rollercoaster, thanx dear :)

La tshofeen shagaat el7alj :D
Much appreciated hun..

Thanx :)

Hhehehehe yaa she's quite possessive over her territory.. Bs her FAULT for snoozing.. In my world ppl shouldn't sleep :p

Thaaaaank u baq9ooma.. Ohh trust me every other day I wanna shut this baby.. Why I do not know.. I think I just take out my frustration on it..

Awwwww that's so cute of u! That mean anony hasn't told me a thing..
Thank u sweety :D

U girls are making me smile like a little girl :)
Thank u babe :)

Thanx darling :)

Thank u..

Wint ebkhair zoooona :)

Even sweeter:
Thank u :D

Neyadah am gona start charging u for advertising!

Seems like I've become transparent with all the expressing I do..
Thank u :)


Thank u dear :)

1001Nights said...

good grief, she's talking to her computer screen...


happy bloggin day hun :*

TOUCHE' said...

Happy blog birthday.

It sure has been a great journey which we hope it never ends.

What a world, what a life, your fans are in love with your blog (somehow the lyrics hit me while reading this post)

FourMe said...

1001 nights:
Ohh if only you knew!! I was going to write a long love letter post to my blog but thought it might make me seem a bit on the nutcase end so I settled for couple of lines :/

thank u hun :*

Thank you dear :)

hehe that is going to be the official anthem of this blog.. and those who don't know it off by heart will get the boot :p

Anonymous said...


happy bloggie daaay :D


Hasan.B said...

congrats! but meno el 6 friends?

A Journal Entry said...

belated happy bloggy day!

Soul said...

happy birthday My favourite Blog :*

rabena eykattar attitudatak we3alli maratbak kaman we kaman eb 7a2 gah el nabi.. 5amsa we 5maisa fi 3ain kol eli 2arook o ma9aloosh 3al nabi.. tef tef tef tef tef

walaaa ya 7ammooooooo .. el temsa7aaa yalaaaaaaaa

Soul said...

hasan: i know i'm one of them 7arra :p