Sunday, 27 December 2009

Husbands gone mad

Damn talk about control freaks!! I always give the benefit of doubt and say there are two sides to a story but some things just cannot be justified apart from plain old stupid! Four different husbands aged from 26 to 33 and their MUST NOT break rules for their wives..

Husband #1:
She's not allowed to work with men and was forced into all women government career against her will..

Husband #2:
Under no circumstances is she allowed to wear provocative shoes i.e. bows, crystals, straps, anything that draws attention to her feet.. She is only to wear plain pumps and over the knee boots are OUT of the question..

Husband #3:
Cutting her hair is a NO NO!! She is to keep her hair long even though it doesn't suit her..

Husband #4:
She is not allowed to work, talk to any of her male relatives, and 7 years into the marriage he forbids her from watching television because he goes crazy jealous when he sees her looking at another man!! Suffice to say 3 years after that she divorced him..

Now you're probably thinking those are freaks and there are no such men.. On the contrary these are "open minded" men who live very up to the minute lifestyles and been out and about in the world with prominent social statuses.. Jack asses more like it! They are absolutely mad they have no brains whatsoever.. And here I thought marriage was about being equals and not like slaves..


Anony said...

Shakhbaar f7ee7eelyy??

f7ee7eely said...

speak of the devil :PP

f7ee7eely zaina hehehehe

wallah weddy a9adgech ya fourme bas qaaaaaaaaaaaaweyyyaaaaaaaaaah 7etta el7acher elmet7ancher bel7achara maysawy chethy....

3ala 6ary el we are equal myth I took a class back in college pertaining feminism in the arab world and the students were predominantely women and they all had a gazillion questions for me to answer and things to clarify since I was male and the first question for yours truly was ::: why arent women in the ME equal to men in terms of rights and what have you.....I went : I dont believe women should have the same rights as men and the whole class was about to unleash their wrath on men but I went on and said that women ought to have more rights then men and thats lady and gentlemen when the class went ohhhhh aaaaah yeahhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmm looooooool

eshraykom belf7ee7eely?::P

f7ee7eely said...

y3ny its not a myth s@$e matters?

Amethyst said...

Sigh. I hate it when couples don't discuss these things before getting married (that goes for Husband 1, 2, and 3). As for 4, I don't know what to say except Allah yhaneenha w ashwa ena thalefta.

eshda3wa said...

yghar min el tv

7ada sakheef

Kawthar said...

hathol ilriyayeel!

FourMe said...

a7ad galich I'm f7ee7eely's babysitter?

hehe seeeeee the second u ask for him he appears.. ya bakhtich mn gadich anony!

dammit lik wa7shaa.. welcome back!

f7ee7eelyoo now would I ever make up such thing!! who better than a man to know how the psyche of his fellow species work! you know for a fact that men behave differently behind closed doors.. from sadistic bastards with twisted sexual fantasies to those who get the crap beaten out of them by their wives to those who are very liberated in public turning into see sayid at home..

I know those 4 ladies personally.. on one occasion was out shopping with wife #2.. the woman gamat et7asaar 3ala Blahnik's ksarat kha6ry!

only a sweet talker like you would come up with such line :p

husband #4 mayshoof shar he's in a league of his own..

sometimes after marriage the man changes his mind about those agreed upon matters.. though having an understanding about such matters is vital..

big time..

can never be trusted..

1001Nights said...
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1001Nights said...

Oh hun social status got little to do with open-minded. Hell some people think open-minded means binge-drinking and educated means you went to a party school in the states where you got your "guy" (a poor student badly in need of cash) to do your homework for you. Having said that, I know that some men have insane demands but by the same token I don't like it when people don't take some of the responsibility for the marriages they got themselves into. Take Husband 1 - I think those kinds of career choice issues are almost ALWAYS discussed before marriage. Did he lie and pretend he was gonna be happy with her working wherever she wants during the engagement? If he was clear about not liking her working with men then there's no foul play here. What bothers me is the idea that some girls fake their personalities before marriage and pretend they’re totally ok with whatever his opinion is and then yagliboon after marriage. (I’m not saying your friend did that of course I don’t know her, she may have been perfectly clear about wanting to work with men and he may have hidden that he doesn't want that - I don't know.) But some girls do do that and it’s unfair to the man. If you go to Saudi Arabia you can’t say screw you I ain’t wearing a veil, know what I mean? Saudi Arabia never pretended it was Vegas.

1001Nights said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Traveleer said...

and we wonder why the divorce rate is on the increase? I am truly speechless

Even Sweeter said...

TV!! Seriouslyy!!

allahuma la tablena!

A Journal Entry said...

lil asafi heard so many stories about men being "il 7aml il wadee3" during il khiba phase oo enna they have no issues with what so ever .. bs min they yamlichoon yagliboon 180 daraja..

once i heard about wa7da 3adi mit7ajba.. oo eb their 1st dinner out b3ad il milcha oo as soon as they reached the restaurant the husband 6alla3 laha min wara a bag feeha 3abaya.. oo gallaha min ilyoum oo rayi7 ma ti6l3een min ghair 3abaya!!!

ya3ni madry laish min il asas they don't discuss what they want..

f7ee7eely said...

heyyyyyyyy likewise me friend:))))

1001nights akher kalam??? LOL just teasin...

el men elly a3arefhum kellehum secure very secure faa ma3endehum hal3oqad....bas moo ma3nat hal shy akhally eldar3a ter3a kel shy lah oo9oooooooooool :P

f7ee7eely said...

journal entry yalla 3ad yalla tara sij ma9akhtooha entooooooooooo min 9ijkum???????????????????!!!!!

this one time I took out a date to a restaurant and she was trying to get me jealous by telling me that the guy across the table was looking at her flirtatiously so I snapped and I was ready to show off bsssssss youm eltfet eww sheftah??? fourme wesh ashoofa wesh ashooooooooooooooof? 6oofah 6oooofah ga3da he was 6'6 400lbs and metalic black chaaaaaaaaaaaaaan altefet 3ala my date ew geltlaha y3ny shelmushkilah allah eyhadach khal eyta7aresh feech laiish em3aqedah enty LOOOOOOOOOOOL

Squirreliya said...

2al eeih yghar!

ma agool ghair, Allah la yableeena

shoosha said...

هيت مي بيبي ون مور تايم

Oranjina fadidra said...

إيو.. هي نيد تو شيل

FourMe said...

You'd be shocked at how many men appear as one thing during engagement and turn into the opposite after marriage.. they think after melcha they own the woman.. Both men and women pull the perfect image before marriage. Regarding our husbands here they did pull the vegas act and turned out to be saudi! Husband 1 and 4 forced their wives to wear hijab after they got married.. even though in both cases hijab wasn't mentioned during engagement..

you haven't heard half of it..

even sweeter:
yup freaking television :/

journal entry:
very true.. there is no understanding plus each believes they can change their spouse after marriage.. the more dominant character tends to get away with it..

ohh please no matter how secure they appear in public they have their glitches in private.. if i mention husband #2's name you'd be shocked as he seems so secure and the "perfect" male image.. yet he has problems with shoes and many other things..

o9ool 3ala 3aini w rasii bs there is common sense and a way in communication not forbidding and ordering!

JE is right.. I've heard so many of such stories and saw some of them up close and personal..

hehehehee nice! very macho of you :p

gherta 3amya..

shoosha & OF:
you two are fabulous :*

falantan said...

sure they exist. actually rules 1 2 3 are rules that I myself agreed with my wife on.