Monday, 7 December 2009

Fashion Emergency

Seeing the blogging world functions like a family with relatives that adore you and those that loathe you, where better for one to ask for help if not from their dis-functional family?!

FourMe needs fashion help.. I need two items that seem impossible to find or maybe I am just a tad picky :/ See I have the worlds best shopping capital at my disposal yet I can't seem to find what I want in it!

1. I need OTK's (for those who don't know the fashion lingo..Over the knee boots) asap! You might think with boots being a hit this season it is easy to find a pair.. WRONG! See my problem (or blessing) is I have slim thighs so any pair doesn't really hold. I'm looking for something either in a stretchy material or preferably leather but a slim fit.. But not lace ups like the ones below as it will take a century to lace them.. Oh and the more over the knee the better..

2. It is a classic piece that every lady MUST-have yet not any shape would flatter a body as it is in black.. I am in desperate need of a LBD (little black dress).. The ones I have are on the shorter end and I need one of a decent length i.e. knee length with a low neck-line but not too low..
Now ladies and gents ( yes I value men's opinion when it comes to fashion) could you all be fabulous darlings and suggest any pieces that you've come across lately.. and if you are super darlings you'd leave a link as well and make a girl happy.. Just out of curiosity..
Are there any pieces that you cannot find?

Much Appreciated..

p.s. Single: I kept an eye out for those Marc Jacob boots you wanted.. couldn't find them anywhere!
p.p.s. If memory serves me right I heard somewhere that Audrey Hepburn's LBD was auctioned off for near $400,000 or so..


Anony said...

Tha7aakt *tha7ka bestehza'a* o gelt men menhoo?? Hathaak el khayen el kathaaaab ;p

Loool madre laish em3alga eb rasi el song

Anony said...

Ps : ahdeeha 7ag Glitter for stealing my place in the previous post

Single said...

Thank u darling

wulla i saw alot over the knee boots in selfridges. there was a black patent one from laboutan

go to these websites and you'll find plenty

overexcited. said...

price range?
oh well.
first of all check tons of bargains there
next, itha mani ghal6ana your in beautiful beautiful london, right?
SO, im sure youve already hit selfridges/harrods/fenwick/johnlewis..
now, have you been to COS on regent street? oh how i love it. do give it a visit! its very simple and elegant.
okaaay then, youve seen net-a-porter ofcourse.. have you checked the o blog, adrii you're no where near an othman store, bas im sure everything they have you can find in london!
ee fa sleeves?? okay im starting with the links now. dresses first.
1. if youre feeling asymmtrical
2. very simple, conservative bas kinda boring
3. this is a tad bit above the knee bas i just love jersey dresses.
4. i know this is short, bas isnt it pretty?? plus its mcqueen and has a pink zipper
5. this jil sander is more conservative and formal but nonetheless stunning.
6. this is okaay, not little though (adrii im not playing by the rules!)
7. if you're feeling adventurous this orange splash will brighten the outfit..
noww you have to give me credit i went thru 18 pages of dresses!
shoees! (flats or heels??)
i couldnt find alot on trustworthy netaporter bas i suggest selfridges they had the biggest collection when i went to london bil eid..
for moree fashion-related inquires and/or just plain fashion spying head over to im an ADDICT of her blog (shes british!)

now if ALL ELSE fails, which i doubt it will, dont forget youre in london, the land of topshop..
good luck sorry this was long!

pink halo said...
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serenade said...

i searched on neiman marcus, although i'm pretty sure you can find many of the in lovely london..

i love this LBD at by donna karen, its conservative with cap sleeves, a sort of boat neck, and a just below the knee pencil skirt,,

i had a lot of finds for the boots, not sure if you'll be able to find them all,, but since i wasn't sure if you wanted flat or heels i'm including both...

flat and stretchy

platform heel, it has a buckle at the thigh which i guess you can tighten...

heel, cinched leather with a tie at the thigh (lol ryhmes)

and the ultimate thigh high boots,, you could wear them as leggings ;p

good luck xx

Anonymous said...

i perfer the boots flat have a very nice pair in grey suede..

FourMe said...

walaht 3alaich :(

i HATE Loub's they are painful like hell.. i cant shop online :/ I must see, touch, feel, and try on..

thanx hun will check..

badaaaaa3tay! hehehee dear i always say the longer the comment the better :p

i checked everywhere bas ma y3jibni el3ajab.. im so damn picky its unbelievable! and i simply love the dresses and flowy shirts at COS..

sleeves no sleeves i dont mind, i can do both.. as for boots i want in flat and in heels.. will look at the links.. honestly thank u darling. u saved me alot of online searching..

you two ladies are a godsend! thank u s0 much for the links..

the Balenciage thigh high boots had me in stitches! hatha bs ma yabeela hdoom.. just a tshirt wintay elmashya :P boot eqt9ady maykhasrich hdoom hehe

i know the ones, those would literally fall down to my ankles.. they are a tad big for me

Hi Maintenance said...

when you find the over knee boot let me know! Im looking for one myself

I saw a girl the other day with over knee bootsthey were soo hot (awal mara y3jboni) so I rushed to ask her from where wila I see people I know o yg3don eslmoon and I lost her :( :/