Friday, 11 December 2009

Eye Candy # ???

Who has seen 2012? Did you by any chance notice the pilot who was flying the bigass plane?! Of course you did.. Who in their right mind wouldn't notice such eye candy!! Sasha.. Yummy yum Sasha *Sighhhhh* or Johann Urb as he is known.. Now wouldn't the world be a happier place if we had more men look like that instead of ugly bastards who think they are Gods gift to women when they look like my foot.. Actually my foot is too pretty in comparison..

FourMe wants one of that Yum Yum!!


Anony said...

Ygolon sharing is caring ;p

Anony said...

Loooooooooool ur foot prettier hahahahahah e3jebatnyy ;p

Her said...

he looks like muhannad:p said...

I miss seeing eye candy around!!

Anonymous said...

Smart CoOKie said...

mn jed yum yum.

Âme said...

Green eyes is cool !!

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

wai3 e7urny m3a his accent :P i love the russian dude !!(Y)

Danderma said...


I discovered him first!!!! Wayed awadem will share him now!!!

Lady GiGi said...

EE i noticeed! God knoows i noticed! and the russian accent oh dear lord he is dreamy isnt he?? *sigh* if only we had more of him to go around :(

Livingmylife said...

Hallaaaa walaaaaaa *droooling*


FourMe said...

Honey if I get my hands on him he's mine and only mine ;)

Hehehe wana 3ind rabi 9aja.. My feet are prettier..

Oh lord no!! Muhannad was girly looking.. This one has that manly look in him..

Woman!! You've got the ultimate eye candy.. 11 pretty boys in red shirts *YUM* even though some are uglies bs their talent is equally yummy..

I checked it out the first time.. Enough with the advertising ..

Smart cookie:
Amen ;)

Green is irresistible..

The accent! Damn that accent.. Just makes a girl melt..

Hehehhehehee I couldn't resist posting him!! What is a single girl to do apart from tk7il 3ainha eb such yummy yums..

No noo sharing.. He's just ours :p

Lady gigi:
Yes the accent! The look! The scruffy mess! The whole damn package!

Ohh we s0 so doo :/

Sorry he's mine.. Stop drooling over my property