Monday, 14 December 2009

Did u hear?!?

If there is one thing I hate it is gossip.. And nothing generates gossip like those fucking annoying sms's that AA son of (insert mother name) is engaged to BB daughter of (insert mother name).. Why whhhhhy would I wanna know who AA or BB is marrying and why would I give a flying fuck as to who their mothers are?! I banned all such msg's from my phone, I made it clear to everyone I know that I do NOT wish to receive such useless info.. I bet my life on it that there are morons out there who want to get hitched just so they can send those msgs to the whole goddamn continent and parade around their engagements!

Now yes you're getting married it is a joyous occasion.. You want to make your girlfriends/cousins/colleagues etc jealous so you blast it to the world that you're getting married.. so you broadcast the news to your BBM and sms and facebook and every goddamn possible way of communication.. Hell if it was up to them they would have it announced on the 9 o'clock news!

Now the bitch is here.. it is blasted to the world that BB is marrying AA.. Little did BB know that the man of her dreams is the scum of the earth! He is low of low.. He is an alcoholic that would screw anything with a pair of tits! Like it isn't bad enough that he is 15 years older than her.. I'm guessing her parents don't know about this man's shenanigans as no loving parent would happily marry their child off to him.. When I got the blessed sms about your engagement the first thing I said was "poor girl". I don't know her and I feel so sorry for her.. See 10 years ago I saw this guy drink himself to a point where he started throwing up in public and over the years I've heard of his drinking and womanising.. What's worse a month after his engagement he was still resuming with his bachelor ways.. There are 2 ways which this marriage is going, one is divorce, two is her becoming equally low..

Point is you have no idea about the past/present of the person you are marrying.. Why allow yourself to be the joke of the town with those mass broadcasted msgs about your engagements?! The first thing people do after reading those txt's is airing your dirty laundry! I've heard it alllllllll.. From ohh she's a whore to he's a player who takes money from girls to he/she is so and so's Ex to she's not a virgin to etccccccccc.... and you'd say those are jealous people making shit up.. NO they are not.. these are the skeletons in your closet that are out the minute people get news you are getting married.. Why? Because Gossip is IT thing to do..

So for fucking fuck sake STOP sending out those AA is engaged to BB and spare yourselves the humiliation of people knowing your spouses past/present and your past/present and just let them hear about it some other day.. If you make yourself the topic of the town with those sms's and broadcasts then be prepared for the shit that's coming your way..


Livingmylife said...

hehe did you know some of them are even FAKE!;p .. wa7da taktib her OWN message o taktib the name of a guy she fancies ena ohma ma56oobeen ( bas bel9ij their not!)

o etgool 7ag enas ena dagga rabi3ha emsaween feeha :) 3ashan she gets the guys attention lama all these ppl ebarkoonla o ohwa A9LAN mu 5a6ib!

Why in gods name would anyone do that.


FourMe said...

Wow the mentality around these days is simply shocking!!

Now that is pure lame!

Faith said...


Just few days ago a girl I know posted a public note in her msn “finally our dream came true and we both will be under one roof …etc” she knew the man of her dreams for less than a month didn’t know where that “Finally” came from!! Plus he’s married with two kids. But you know Fourme as much as it annoys me part of me understands that stupid feeling. People in love always think their story is one of a kind and that every body is gonna applaud for their happy ending ;D
Allah ywafghoum anyway :)

A Journal Entry said...

bs tara mo kil il nass tistanis 3ala hal msg.. i knew a few girls who when they got engaged a msg got circulated oo they don't know mino sawaha bil asaas..

bs yeah.. most of them ekoon il wath3 3indihum mithil ma giltay..

Anonymous said...

Honestly i dont think its fair for u to generalize and say that all msgs that u get r fake and that the skeletons in ur closet r coming out with the circlation of the msg... a lot of the times the couple is genuinely in love and happy and wants to share their news with the people they know.. fa sending out a msg telling ppl about it is nothing wrong.. bes inhum mistanseen oo yaboon ilnas tadri.. ma shoof ina feeha shay :S

Âme said...

It is just a piece of information that so and so is getting married to so and so.

You can completely ignore it, if you like to.


Regarding gossip, yeah the diggers of graves are the ones who fall into them.

Rest is IGNORED.

A gossip message implies two things, one the sender gets ignored and two sender is put a box titled "Airheads"

~ Soul

shoosha said...

haha i agree with living

i know 2 girls at least that did that! HOW PATHETICH! BO-HOO!

shoosha said...

أووووبس أي فرغت تو كمنت إن أرابيك

Um Mit3ib said...

i like the messages;p i dont see the harm;p

Oranjina fadidra said...

فورمي: يو توك ذي وردس أوت أووف ماي ماوث

شوشة: اوبس يو دد إت اجين

mrayty said...

i heart fourme!

eshda3wa said...

i should consider myself lucky since i never get any of those msgs

Captivated said...

I like the msg's because I think its our generation's way of getting the word around that flan and flana are engaged.. Bss ur also right enna ppl start to gossip oo chethi... bss el kel oo neyeta I guess.. Also, wayed marrat eli yenkha6bon ma yadron menu kateb el msg...

café au lait said...

BEST post iv read in Ummmmm a VERY long while.

1001Nights said...

That's really interesting, I never saw it from that perspective. As I understand it what you're suggesting is that people keep their engagement from being so widely spread via text messages because it gives readers the incentive to air out the bride/groom's dirty laundry out of jealousy? That makes sense. But the problem is I think for people who know dirt on someone they are likely to be within the same circle and likely to hear about the engagement even without the message and if they want to gossip about it they won't be waiting for the message to do s.

Also the "ish'haar" factor in sending messages is a good thing so that no one gets upset you didn't tell them, you can just say I sent a message out and everyone else knows I thought you would know as well, etc. Spares you from having to call high school friends, college friends, new and old coworkers, distant relatives, etc. Ah I wouldn't call everyone anyway who cares.

You make a good point. 9ajja mala daa3i sms'aat 5u9oo9an if there's a chance it will reach those who are going to be jealous rather than happy for you.