Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Blah Blah

. I have s0 much to bitch about that I don't know where to begin from!

. I lost my temper today and it wasn't a pretty sight.. I don't know where all that rage came from.. its like a damn volcano erupting :/

. If I see 1 more girl carrying a Birkin or a Maxi I will vomit!! Up yours shitty economy for forcing Chanel and Hermes to flood the market with those 2 pieces! Walked into Chanel today and they had the Maxi in 5 different colours.. Bs bss la3aat chabdii mnhom mn kethir ma sheft'hom

. For the love of GOD if one more person tells me to start dating I will SCREAM! Went out with friends and everytime a good looking man would pass by they'd say "how about this one" ! Madrii mo I'm picking out a dress off the catwalk not a man!

. I have lost my trust in men.. Don't give me bullshit that's just how I personally feel.. I've been hurt too deep to be able to trust again.. Come to think of it I don't trust anyone anymore..

. Girls PLEASE please pleaseeeeeee don't wear Loub's, full make up, diamonds, and extravagant attire just to go shopping!!!!!!!! Ya mal elfagir etfashloon! Really how can you try shit on when you're wearing layers of tight ass shit that looks like its been stitched on you!

. I would kill to find one man that knows how to dress..

. I saw a gorgeous man whilst having lunch.. He was simply too pretty.. He had one of those faces that one would just want to look at for hours.. Yaa picture aint fuckin perfect.. His food arrives and the man is a SLOB! Yakil w ysa3bil.. I kid u not when I say the sauce was literally dripping from his lips! Way3aa mo chena rayal sh6oola sh3rthaa chena yahil 3omra sentain!! Seriously men who eat like that are such a turn off.. And men who chew loudly should simply be shot in the head..

. I am more than what you see.. ..

"Mortals are such fragile things. Just tender feelings walking around exposed in their delicate shells...Easy to crush."
~Melissa Marr


Anony said...


Danderma said...

looool yakil weysa3bel g63 :*****

u wouldnt want to see me eat... i must give my clothes a taste of my food wella ma artaa7 ;)

A Journal Entry said...

girls ma 9araw efargoon bain 6al3at estiqbal oo 6al3at shopping..

Candy said...

I feel ur friends are putting high pressure on you to start dating,how would you and guys like ili esa3bel are still exist,shabab fashel!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

agreed =D

are you still in town wla radaity london?

see, i thought you had left to london, bas i find it difficult to believe that the fully dressed up girls and sa3bel man are there ;Pp

Livingmylife said...

u shudnt trust anyone .. trust is a word made by men to convince women to sleep with them .. it has no real meaning :) there is no such thing and it never brings anything good

so its good to not trust anyone ..


Average.Q8i said...

Man u 2-0 Tottenham at the 56th min ..

'If i want to be a good man; I'll just need to follow FourMe's Standard in Men; And I'll Be Good to Go .. ' .. Right?

Shoush said...

Lool. I really did miss reading ur posts. :)

FourMe said...


Lawa3 chabdi dandee.. And it was so obvious cuz he had angelina jolie type lips so u could see clearly food traces all over his god damn perfect lips..

Napkin on the lap and roll the sleeves up and you're good to go :p

Its pathetic! A girl/lady should know how to dress appropriately.. That is what elegance is all about.. Bs 3amich a9maakh..

They think by being little fashionistas 24/7 it makes them stylish.. Style is not just about wearing clothes.. Its about knowing how to wear and where to wear too..

Honestly they are.. I always ignore but its reachin a point that I'm startin to get bruised legs from how much I'm being kicked under the table to get my attention to see some moron passing by :/

Ohh slobs still exist..

Believe it or not the sa3boola boy was a kuwaity..
As for the girls.. Its a mixture of saudi, kuwait, uae..

Damn! And I thought I was bitter :/

U darling are adorable! Akhh ya baq9ooma if only u were 15 years older chan e3loom ;)

U will shape out to be the perfect gentleman I can see it in u..

And we missed having u around :)

Jack Ass said...

Looking for a Perfect Man ?

Go UFO Hunting


Just come over for dinner


Grey said...

Ok now thats a feel good rant ,.. Quite a progress there :D

Her said...

lool ur funny.. u know i was always concerned about marrying a guy who eats like a pig! they don't realize how these little things are important to us!