Wednesday, 9 December 2009


She is known as the extra hyper extra nutty nut girl whose always first to comment here..
She is the one that this blog would be a very very boring place without..
She is the one responsible for the 80,000 hits and possibly more..
She will always be the one and only ANONY..

To most people around here she might be just another blogger.. But to me she is far more than that.. This girl means the world to me.. I've known her near to two years now and I simply adore her to bits! Her insanity, hyperness, craziness, beautiful heart, and everything else about her that makes her ANONY.. I could not be more grateful that I have crossed paths with such a beautiful girl inside and out.. She's every girls perfect bestfriend.. She is there when you need her and when you don't.. In the past two years I can only pack and unpack when I talk to Anony and she has a problem with my shaba9aat :p I wish I can say she is one of a kind because she truly is but I can't because she comes with an equally amazing twin! And I STILL can't tell the two apart :/ I cannot put into words how much I adore and care for this girl.. Simply she is the best..

*Raises her coke*
To my darling Anony..


FourMe said...

look we all know whos place this is.. so ya FIRST for my darling :*

Anony said...



Ambeeh I don't know what to say ;p

Anony said...

7arrraaaaa I got a post !! ;p

Anony said...


Anony said...

The lack of eshte6a6 is due to the fact eni bardana o fat7a nes 3een ;p loool

Bs a7eb ared agol ena lo bay3a elshabasaat etmalyeneen ;p

Remember souq el a7ad ;p I already thought of a theme ;p

Anony said...

*hugs FourMe and slaps her tiny ass*

Looool ;p

FourMe said...

Hehehehehheheeeehheee go go back to sleep and leave my shaba9aat and ass out of it :p

Standy said...

lool.. this is cute.. allah yedeem el ma7aba o el friendship between you guys...

i totally agree with all what you said =D

No identity.. said...

LoooL... that was soooo cute, love you two anouny and all ur comments here... allah yedeeem elma7aba... :D

Anonymous said...

Average.Q8i said...

Abee a Post A Baq9ooma :( ..

Anony said...

awwwwwwwwwww *hugs*

u were up !! wala 7asbali nayma, wala eni nemt mara thanya while the page was open lool


baq9ooma elmafroth et3aber 3an 7ubik le mo et6aleb eb post :@

en6er bel dor for ur post :P lool

ps: come back!

shoosha said...

أي ديماند اى بوست أبوت مي اند ذتس نت أن اوبشن... مرسي

zwena said...


*raises her mug of chay 7aleeb for Anony*

o shoosha motay min al7ara :P

Danderma said...

@_X now im a teeny bit jealous of course :p


Even Sweeter said...

Ana ash'had ena the blogsphere would be SO boring without her ;*

To the one and only anony xx

atoona said...

Awwww, that's the sweetest post, ever!

7ayohaa ;D

R.. said...

oo zawe??
tra ma artha 3aliha??
lazm u post another post bs 3anha !! ;@

oo aywaa ya anonyyyy ;p
mn gadich sawolich post bro7ich ;p

Anony said...

Since this is my post I'll reply to the comments ;D

FourMe <3

Standy .. 7adeeek me7taraaa adree adree lool ;p

Thankkkkssss ;*

No identity .. My name is Anony and not anouny ;p bs 3ashan I'm being all nice o ma3arfech wala amon fa qarart a6awefha ;p

Bs laish no identity ya7afeth khal en3arfech chod nalbeg ;p

Baq9oooma .. Yalla ahoooo bs anaaaaa ;p

Wala tez3al ana asawelik wa7ed;*

Shoosha .. esteree7ay 3ala 6araaf shwaaay elsa7aaa le ana ;p a whole post !!
7arrraaaaaaa I got a whole post!!! Hahahahhaa

U no get anising ;p

Wek wek weeeeeek ;p

Zaweee <3
Enshalah matkhalsen el chay wel7aleeb 3ani bs

Danderma .. Ya ba3ad chabd ahalii adre adre kelman ygheer meneee (H) ;p

How come u're not invited to my blog? :o u're cool I like u!

Hmmm I bettrsend u an invitation ;p

Sweeeetsssss. .. ;***

Atoona .. Ashkoor tafa3olech 7ayoooni hahahaha ;p

R .. Mala7athteeha mentioning her? Besides zawe another blog hatha my territory ;p

Adree adree men qadeee akhjaltaw tawath3ee law sama7taw :$


To my territory

My home

My ever best place online ;*

Danderma said...

Anony you have a blog?! Tawni Adri :D

*waiting for invitation @_@*