Wednesday, 23 December 2009


*A new year is just around the corner!! Doesn't feel like a year has passed by already.. Feels like its been just couple of months since last New Years eve.. I never bothered with celebrating new years I'm not one for celebrating occasions.. Nor am I one for resolutions because I truly believe we are not guaranteed time.. Life unfolds as you live it.. True having a plan or aims might have you on the right track but your world can turn upside down in a split second so why bother? I live it as it comes and just do it as I feel it..

*A decade has passed.. Ten years of ups and downs like no other.. Ten years that had everything in them from loss to gain.. They brought about so much change that transformed me from a girl to a woman. I was thinking about what's the best moment of this decade and it was a tie between the moment I got my BA and MA. There are so many more best moments but those two definitely have been the highlights of the decade..

Q. What's the best moment of the decade for you?
Q. What are the plans for New Years Eve?
Q. What's a must do for 2010?


Anony said...

Ostatha Faheeema ;p

Soul said...

*best moment: I spent 8 years mn this decade studying bel jam3a, so best moment is my graduation I guess.

*my plans for new year: costume party, o ra7 atnakkar 3la qa99ab.

*must do: atken :p

o eb hal monasaba ahdeelich hal song: men awal yanayer 7akoon ensan gedeed! 7aba6al el sagayer wabtedi asheel 7adeeeed!

o heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Faith said...

The worst year in my life yet.. alf al7mdellah anyway.
I always have plans but plz :l
Maybe my new year resolution should be never plan anything out again.

Anony said...

best moment in 10yrs !!!

hmmmmmmmm madre ;p

my plans for new year .. hmmm ham madre ;p

must for 2010 ? hmmmmm own an aston martin ? ;p

Shalala said...

Whoa ten years are a handful

Now, I am 24. You're talking my life from 14-24years! In a nutshell, that's my whole adult life. I do not have another decade to compare it to ;p my first decade I couldn't possibly remember LOL

So much has happened but I can tell you that I did not turn out like I was expected to; nor am I as good as I wwanted to be at 24.
Ah well.....a price is paid for high standards always :)

Âme said...

Best moment of the decade was when i moved a mobile without touching it.

Probably I was hallucinating.. he he

New year's eve in Spain.

Must do things

3. Write a book of my life till 2010
4. Get laid

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Hehhehe I still got the recording :p

What nothing made u happy in 10 years?!!
Screw it I'll call u and we'll celebrate new years on the phone :p
Me want..

7ashaa dktoraa mo BA :p arb3tash sena khdma eb sanwy w toly o'aaf hehehhee hathaa entay :**

Yalaa get ur ass here for MA and I promise u it'll be a BLAST ;)

Na3aaam ekhty! Na3aaam mino ely tatkin?! Ee okay geltely :D

Hehehehehee perfect song :*

2005 and this year are most definitely the worst I've EVER had :D

Babe trust me don't plan and just let things fall in place.. This way you'll appreciate things more when they happen as they were unexpected..

Wishing you a Fabulous year ahead inshala :*

No one turns out as they want as life always screws u up the arse and takes u off course..

Come on am sure there is one thing that was a super achievement or made u really happy in ten years..

U sure u didn't kick table by mistake and it moved?!

I'm sorry this is MY blog and I don't allow secrets in it!!

Spill what is number 1 and 2 ??

And you're way too young for a biography! Get over yourself will ya :p

mrayty said...

blaaaah de blaaaaaah

Single said...

get a bentley . be eathn alah.

get a ppl ( private pilot license )

get the job i wanted

Shalala said...

Staw3abt my comment is too negative ya kerrrrrrrrrrrhy I owe you a positive one!

The best moment - as an event - was my highschool graduation. I was hugging and loving everyone I went loooooooooose with love ahahaha

Plans in new year's eve is to be at the chalet with my FULL FAMILY - ele kanat shattered for some 10 years or so!!! mama will be happy :)

Must do 2010 is to realize one big mini-dream .. a stepping stone to the BIG THING :)

so what are your answers to Q's 2 and 3?

FourMe said...


private pilot thingy sounds amusing! good luck..

now that's better! yaa those occasions tend to bring the lovey dovey side out more than usual.. one of my grad after parties was a night I shall never forget :p

2.I think I'll be spending it at home watching the world celebrate on tv.. brings me joy to see millions of ppl happy.. (sounds silly I know but it does make me happy to see that)

3. hmmm ready for an earful? here goes..

A must do for this coming year is something that I must find.. Its not something materialistic or anything of the sort.. its something that I want and probably need more than I like to admit.. Its a feeling that I have inside me that wants something yet I don't know what it is.. something that I yearn for yet I can't put my finger on it..

My must do is to find this thing which I want.. I truly want that I can feel it in every inch of me.. It makes no sense I know.. I want something which I don't know what it is yet it makes my heart race at the thought of having it..

Yes my mind works in mysterious ways.. I make no sense most of the time and that's a result of expressing myself without thinking about what I'm saying and if it makes any sense..

This wasn't the answer you were expecting was it :/

Amethyst said...

3oqbal elPhD;*

Best Moment: my melcha

Plans for New Year's: None yet;/

Must do for 2010: Get a job, have a baby, and hopefully start earning my MA..

Standy said...

best moment hmm, 2009 was a good year to me..
i cant rememebr a best moment of the decade.. maybe when i actually graduated and got my degree =p

no plans for new years eve..

must do for 2010, get anony the damn aston martin =p hehehe

ZoN said...

maybe when zaidan scored his legendary goal in the final champions league :D

days are the same, events happen every second.