Thursday, 17 December 2009


To my darling soul sister..
An insane woman who is the epitome of fabulousness..
I wish you a beautiful and a prospers year that brings you happiness and ....................
Lets hope this year is knives free :p
Ladies and Gents kindly wish our beautiful not so active blogger Soul Portrait a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Soulo
aka Om sacheen :*

miss u loads..

p.s. Age is nothing but a number ;)


Soul said...


wallah wallah wallah ennech tha7akteeeni 3al 9ooora.

thank u so much 7beeeeebti, i know enni emga9ra ma3ach o ma3a el twins,, god bliss ur hearts :***
o wish u the same my dearest blogger.. im so happy that u r a part of my life.. love u :* alwaaaaaaaaaaays la7loooo7ti

Anony said...


Hasan.B said...

One of the best bloggers i got to know. Habby birzday to you and to my cousin:P. el3mer kila nshala

zwena said...


OMG hasooon wenik min zmaan :P

mrayty said...

A7la bday 7ag a7la souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul!! ;**

3asa raby yej3alha sanat khair 3laich and may this year be the best of them all! ;**

Anonymous said...

Haaaappy Birthdaaaay!


Soul said...

Nonee: :****

Hasan: ba3ad chabdi.. ana elli tesharaft eb ma3reftek Dr. o allah ekather 5ya6ek inshallah looool miss u :)

zawe: benti bel retha3aaaaa thaaaank uuuuu :***

Mrayty: is that u dandoon? :*** thanks 7yaaati miss u entay ba3ad :)

sanjooba: thanks sis :**

Âme said...

Happy Birthday to one who stole my id.

Have fun :)

~ Soul

Soul said...

Ame aka Soul: thanks alot :) but don't u think that SOul is a little bit feminine? and suits me better :p
anyway u changed ur id.. what a compromise.. sank u bro

mrayty said...

Yea its dandooon hehe :)
I miss you too 7beeby ;*