Monday, 23 November 2009

Winter Blues

+ I truly and absolutely hate winter! Hate the cold. Hate the wind. Hate hate hate and really hate the rain!! Hate waking up to rain storms with shit flying around.. Ohh winter how I hate you..

- I am broken beyond the point of repair..

+ I still hate winter! I hate wearing layers and layers and still freezing my tush off..

+ This is the plan.. In winter I'm gona live in warm climate countries and in summer I'm moving to pleasant summer'ish countries (I can't tolerate too much heat either)

- I don't wana fix me anymore..

+ Is it just me or do people shop more during winter?!

+ Ukhh time to be responsible again.. Crap..

- i miss the feeling of being adored..

p.s. Shoosha and Oran Fad :*


Anony said...

Shme3na shoosha o OF !!

Smart CoOKie said...

I hate too much rain & being soaked to the bone. But other than that winter is fine. A9lan ma 3ndna fi Saudi. :P

shoosha said...

بيكوز فر يور إنفرمشين انوني مي اند أرنجينة درو ذي سميل أون هر فيس نوت يو!

Jack Ass said...

I would give anything to live in wintry rainy sleepy places.

Making love to a beautiful woman on a bed near a fire place on a cold rainy day - ideal second date.

Single said...

Yes specially winter in the UK, the rain and wind is constant.

PaLoMiNo said...

looooooooooooooooooooooool shoosha!!!

sho3oor motbadaal towards winter :P and MEN LOOOL ;p

serenade said...

i'm so depressed right now,, blaming it on the weather,, and in serious need of some retail therapy... though i must admit i love rain..

FourMe said...

do u want me to get a tattoo that says "i love anony" ? will that make u happy?

s cookie:
ukhhh the sticky ewwyy feelin of being soaked and feeling so slimey ukkhhhhh hate it!

true true..

jack ass:
wana trade places?

damn!! have the rules of the game changed?! no one told me that on 2nd dates its straight to sex?! crap I've been out of the dating circle for sooooo long..

tell me about it :/

7obii o mostaqbaal ghaairiiii :**
shakhbarich ya 7ilwa??

babe what are these "men" you speak of?? i have not heard of such creatures :p

cheer up sweetness.. yes i say indulge.. though i am resisting like you wouldn't imagine :/ i need to clear out before i hit the shops again :(

and ewwy to the rain..

Average.Q8i said...

I Love The Periods Between Winter and Summer ..

:::ShoSho::: said...


HOw are you??

Hmm, I know it's freezing cold.. and sometimes I am too lazy to wear all those layers BUT I do love winter! I love that it goes dark early (easier to put kids in bed :P) lol and I do shop more in winter I love winter clothes...