Monday, 2 November 2009

Up Yours Mate!

Apparently going out in a football jersey gets you more attention than strutting around in a bikini !! I've got the flu, I look like shite, I had no make up on, was in jogging bottoms and my football jersey and had to run a quick errand, so you can just imagine how I look.. And I kid you not every other man turned his head to have a second look the minute I walked in!! You'd think Megan Fox just walked in!! Dudes get a fucking grip!! I know you weren't turned on by my pale faced natural beauty ya3ni.. its just a goddamn jersey!! You dudes wear it and no one gives a fuck so what's the bitching big deal?!

But the rant comes here.. There was one fuck face who pissed me off!! The bastard kept going on and on to his buddie (in short) " I bet she doesn't even know who that player is" meaning the name of the player on the back of my shirt "I'm sure she's one of those girls who wear football shirts to show off etc" "She never watched a game in her life" !!!!!!!!!!!!! ASSHOLE way3aa ely takhthik gool ameen!!

I fucking know who the player is as I've been supporting him for over a decade! I don't do football as a trend like those stupid girls to get guys attention!! I fucking LOVE football!! Asswipe when ever I travel the first thing I pack is my football jersey, whether I wear it or not I take it with me you bitching wanker because I LOVE MY TEAM!! I was this close to turning around and giving him a good talk but I don't like making scenes so I just ignored the motherfuck..

Last but not least to the girls who PRETEND to support football I say - UP YOURS!! As it is your fucking faults genuine female football supporters have to endure such trash talk because you whores lack the personalities to attract a man and result to pretending to like things he likes just so he gives you a second look!! Dumb dumb dumb lame ass wannabe's!!


Average.Q8i said...

For Dear Anony; '@@' .. said...

haha @asswipe!

lol ur posts never seize to make me laugh!

But i feeel your pain! I really do!

moi said...

Why would anyone pretend that they like something they're not into? :s its exhausting!

FingerPrint said...

I hate those fake "supporters"! Are you that useless that you can't attract a man by yourself? ><

It's seriously ruining the love of the game for the real fans! And we're all stereotyped as 'we're just into football as a trend'

And those chauvinists at the bar: We probably know MORE about the game and the teams than you do!

Sylar said...

I'm sure you're attractive but thing is, men here will look at anything with estrogen.

The fact that you wore a Jersey, an item usually associated with men and their passion for a sport, simply amplified their curiosity.

It's the result of gender segregation and the local culture prohibiting contact from one another.

And when you say they 'turned' their heads, did you mean a mere glance or actual staring? The former can occur with anything really but I'm sure you meant the latter, albeit I'm sure it wasn't as extreme as you make it out to be.

90% of girls here watch soccer/football to pique the interest of men and this is a fact and perhaps the same could be said about all countries to lesser or greater degrees.

So you can't blame those commentators but I would think with your aggressive attitude, you could have proved them wrong, too bad.

Long post for a non-serious post, yay.

TOUCHE' said...

I second "Sylar" beside ask any guy and he will assure you that a soccer jersey surpasses the best outfit from Victoria's Secret, they find it extremely attractive and an eye candy, well this all about testosterone and estrogen, guys are all about visuals.

Anonymous said...

hahaha i never even knew people actually use football to impress men,i mean are they serious? Don't we just usually do football for the love of the game?

Trust me, I DO feel your somehow of a 'pain'. Once, I just finished from football practice and i was wearing a jersey in school, a guy came up to me and asked me if i even knew that player, and assumed that i was just another one of those kuwaiti girls that wore it just for the 'haba' thing going on. I was like hell no! I've been playing football for over 4 years now, and I'm wearing the jersey for the love of the game!

Im signing this as anony,,,