Monday, 9 November 2009

Spill or Whatever

I'm pissed, angry, annoyed, and beyond the point of needing to spill my guts out. Can I do that? Nooo of course I can't!! Why not? Because this bitch of a blog isn't as "anonymous" as I would have liked it to be.. I can't even bitch in my own blog.. how great is that! Well fuck it. Anyways I'm in dire need of a spill post so here goes fucking nothing..

1. Forgive me father for I have sinned and sinned and sinned.
2. I put myself in the exact same position that I was in 6 years ago. And I fucking promised myself I would never ever again put myself in that position.. But I did again..
3. The more they remind me the more I hate.
4. The extra babying me is suffocating me!
5. I fucking hate hate hate that I can't spill my guts here anymore..

If you are like me suffocating and just wishing there was one place where you can spill all and let it out then be my guest.. use and abuse this post as much as you want.. I wish as hell I can..


Anony said...

I blame soul ;p

FourMe said...

Naah nothing to do with her.. Though both u and her need to be killed

Anonymous said...

I can offer a hug?

1001Nights said...

Start a new blog and email some of your readers that you know don't know you personally. Or just make this by permission only.

Standy said...

this was your one space and now its gone!!! that sucks!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm now you are insulting your fans hmmmmm well c'est pas gentille ca .. BTW am moroccan living in egypt am A BIG fan of your blog but since you dont like your fans pfffffffff

Sylar said...

Kuwait is tiny, and you've been dropping hint bombs all over the place.

So take Kuwait's size and it's population's affinity with being nosy and you've got one big neon booger that attracts the types who 'must' find out who a blogger is because they have no personality/lives/e-love you, etc.

So what's the secret, (not the stupid book) to remaining truly anonymous even in such conditions?


Not completely but change the settings around. For example you're supposedly into football (a rarity being a woman, which is just asking for attention from blogger-seekers), change your passion for it to something like basketball or knitting (lol) 'and ac milan scored yesteday' becomes 'oh goodness gracious me, that ball of yarn really rolled off the table and way into that basket' or just don't post about things that can nail you in the ass down the road.

The solution: start fresh imo and send me an invite or play it smart.

FourMe said...

A hug would do wonders but I'm one of those freaks who don't like to be touched :/

Tried that didn't work..

Suckty suck sucks..

Pleasure to make your acquaintance..
Huh!! Where in this post did I insult anyone?! Now you're just being mean :(

If your are a fan then you should know I'm a very angry little girl and throw fits here and there.. See problem is this was the only place where I spill but silly me went and got buddie bud with ppl who read it. And my problem is I can't spill my guts infront of ppl I know :/ do you see the awkward position I put myself in now?

Are you still a fan? *blushes*
(If not I'll close this baby down)

Ohhh so now I gotta stop talking about things I like and feel just because of those lifeless losers? Would you prefer it if this blog was like the masses and talks about food, my latest fashion buys, and my sainthood and virgin mary attitude like?

Sorry brother I can't pretend.. I like football, I curse like a hooligan, and throw tantrums like you wouldn't believe. I'm no saint, I'm no airhead, and certainly no miss little perfect. And I aint blogging to impress no one! So they can kiss my blogs ass..

How about I start posting in morse code? Maybe that will keep the anonymity intact!

And don't get me started on the losers who wanna find out who's who!! I already know of some who are very interested in my private life! And that only shows that they have none of theirs and as a result they have taken such intense interest in mine!

Mate really I don't give a fuck who reads this my only problem is that I got to know some ppl eg (Anony :p ) and now I can't say what I want to say cuz she knows me in person.. So in this case I am to blame and I should have kept my distance..

Sylar said...

Oh so you know the people who know your identity?

So what's the problem? You're shy? You can't say you aren't if you're too shy to really unload because of people you know.

Imo the things you usually rant about aren't really things that should make you look awkward in front of someone you know in RL (at least I don't think so).

Anonymous said...

am a real anonymous like real one .. i work in fashion and i have no idea who you r .. just came across your blog by pure coincidance .. i dont know you and will be my plaisure to know the person behind that crazy angry little girl ..and yes am still a fan a big one just because i think your blog is lil bit different from other gulf girl blogs who has nothing to talk about other than luxury OH and hahaha they think they french hahahaha n'importe quoi ...

Average.Q8i said...

I Want To Spill .. :/

Anonymous said...

Aurous said...

that's why I closed my blog... It isn't the same when everyone knows who you are...

Danderma said...

fourmee il 7aal min ba3thooh! ana ommat la elaha illa allah kilha dallat my blog thanx to one malgoof person!!!

shrayech insaweelna private q8y bitchin blog by invite only o in6ale3 7aratna ihnaak?

Âme said...

We fuck up our lives beyond comprehension sometimes.

The point is to not to get stuck in that timeline for long.

~ Soul