Tuesday, 3 November 2009


The manner in which human beings behave these days is that of androids. They live their daily lives as if it is an obligation not a blessing. The fast pace of life has made us lose sight of what is really important; the pleasure that comes from the process of achieving. Everything is demanded from us and we deliver, it has become so superficial and technical! Even our emotions are heading towards the same sad path, you're in a relationship then you are obliged to do/feel certain way not because you want to no because you should.

You know what's missing? Passion. Passion is missing, we need to be more passionate about EVERYTHING in life from work, family, study, friends, politics, religion, partners, humanitarian issues, and in general we need to be more passionate human beings. Passion gives one a surge of energy like no other, it pushes you that extra mile to make the best of what you are. Passion will make you enjoy what you are doing. Passion makes people happy. Its that feeling that you want to jump out of your own skin just to achieve your goal. When one is passionate one will do the freaking impossible!

Passion comes from within, it comes from a place deep down in you, it is so powerful to an extant it will push you to produce your absolute best! Is that not what we strive for? Do we not want to excel in every part of life? Marriages fail because people lose interest in each other, people fail in work and studies because they aren't passionate about what they are doing, political conflicts arise because parties forget their passion towards their cause and they concentrate on the materialistic gain, if we were more passionate towards planet earth we would make it by far a better place to live in, people lose faith in religion because they lose their passion towards it!

You need to want. Truly want. Truly need. Truly desire. Absolutely, completely, and utterly Need to Want something in order for it to come alive. Without wanting and needing it, it is lifeless. You simply need Passion..

"The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy."
~Yves Saint Laurent


S said...

I love the quote!
Bas unfortunately, it's all true... I'm like that sometimes, but I admit that I have mood swings and I do get my passion back... so with me, it's just patience

Average.Q8i said...

For Anony; Sorry its 2nd .. :/

Average.Q8i said...

I Love U FourMe; Its The Fast Paced life that made us lose passion.
Nobody is passionate anymore; Nobody Loves; They Only Like.

Sylar said...

Passion is a luxury.

To those struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis, do you think they contemplate the blessings of their lives and of the beauty of the world around them with all its intricate, subtle mysteries?

In Kuwait, passion is getting a swarvorski crystal dangling from the rear view mirror of your lexus indicating that you've made it in life and that you're in a relationship.

The sapling of passion cannot exist in Kuwait for its soil is toxic and its skies brooding and swift in crushing any refugees harboring onto their hopes and dreams that made it past the judging, scrutinizing, and baleful eyes of the locals.

Standy said...

amazinly said and written,,, sub7an allah, i was thinking about this lately.. everything is a MUST with deadlines and all that.. no passion whatsoever!

R.. said...

ya alla 3la ilpost !!!!
oo mako passion nowadays at all ..
oo itha kan fi passion ekon just shway o ero7 !!
every thing is different !! and every one is different !!
btw .. missing ur crazy posts ;$ ;*

Shwaish said...

tadreen sometimes ur really passionate abt something and ur very diligent and ur working ur ass off to achieve it and once u do u feel nothing, now thats a bitch, so maybe sometimes robotisim (i hope i just made up that word) works lana then ur not dissapointed :(

Anonymous said...


mssenos said...

I don't feel anything any more. I just exist. Sad i know. I don't get excited or depressed. Just the sweet feeling of indefference.

That happens when u just don't care anymore. Not to mention, in Kuwait, indefference is so easy. We don't have anything to really worry about. The worst of my problems would be, OMG! I got a zit on my face :(

hatha w ana adres 6eb mafroth el stress maklne. 3yal ely la sh'3la wala mash'3la?

Mrs. said...

I sooo needed to be reminded abt PASSION, ur absolutely right abt living life like an obligation!!! Thanks for the post !

FourMe said...

dont get me wrong I'm queen of mood swings and I'm no where near optimistic and all for life but passion I maintain in things I like.. I never get into anything that I'm not passionate about because I know I won't enjoy it and won't give it a 1000%..

what is this patience u speak of? :p
yaa I have zero patience..

ba3ad galbi 7abitik el3afya baq9ooma.. wala my sweetest they don't even like anymore.. they just do what needs to be done.. its tasteless!!

p.s. 9ayir wayd hady laish ?!

Passion is not a luxury. Passion is a way of living. It costs nothing yet it is worth everything.

I see your point, but that doesn't mean because they can't make a living they have no passion! They can be passionate about religion or family or what you.

No dear that's not passion that is stupidity! Those people who think a dangling ornament has significance are robots that are following the masses who have no mind of their own to make their own paths. hehe honestly I had no idea that it meant someone is in a relationship if they had that thing! How pathetic!!

Don't blame the country blame the people. There are many who are living such lives but at the same time there are those who are content with their lives and enjoy it by separating themselves from those who are not.

thank u dear.. very true! its all about deadlines now.. so sad..

ya it sucks!!
hehe there was one couple posts ago :p

that's not passion that just having to get the job done.. its done to the person to keep up the passion and not lose sight of it after they've reached their goal..

will give it a read..

inshalla its just a phase that'll pass by..

goolay il7amdila you're not stressed! why would ya wanna feel stress? its a killer trust me..

Well that's the core of the problem right there.. you don't care anymore.. You need to care in order to be passionate..

my pleasure dear :)

FourMe said...

excuse me if I made no sense above.. but I'm high on caffeine and can barely keep a thought for longer than 2 seconds..

Âme said...

The force which drives life.

I agree.

~ Soul