Friday, 6 November 2009

i want HIM!!

Abii abiii abiiiiiii.. Mo shoghly abiiii..
Someone get him for me ASAP!!

Look I was never the "celebrity crushing" type.. hell I don't do crushes full stop.. Okay I'm lying the ONLY celebrity crush I've EVER had was my footballer.. But that's not a crush, its more than that.. I LOVE my footballer, I'm head over heels, madly, insanely, can eat him up, infatuated, obsessed, worship, could die for him kinda crush *sigh* Ohh how I love him..................

Ok ok snap out of it FourMe.. Now after all these years of being crushless I finally have a celebrity crush!! How teenager'ish of me!? Anyhows it started with his song I Know You Want Me and now I saw the video below and the look on his face in minute 2:44 just makes me meeeeeeeeelt.. Yes I'm literally going KRAZY for him.. I want him.. I want that baldy (btw I have a thing for baldies).. His attitude is a mother fucker! 3amaa that look is so indescribable.. He's yummielicios.. He's soo0 hehehheee okaay ok ENOUGH because this is getting way toO fucking girly for me..

I want Pitbull *blushes*



Anony said...

mino hatha!


FourMe said...


Anony I swear I'll beat you up with the stuffed elephant that you got me!

Take it back!! Don't say he's qabee7!!!

he's yummyyyyyyyy.. i wanna jump on him and go kraaazy :p

zwena said...





NO WAY that u FOURME wants him :O

i second anony mafe wala laq6a w7da lah 3adla , 7ada lo3a

3ala golat um-mit3eb 3oooooooooooooo3 :p

Anony said...


i just saw the video!

al7een akhaf a3aleq :x

are you sure you're FourMe??

FOURME! the girl i know FourMe?

cause not in a millions years she'll fall for someone like madr shesmaa!

comon what happen to "allah jameel y7eb el jamal" ?? :P

cause i think that guy is running the opposite way of "jamal" :P

*runs away in fear*

zwena said...

to be fair let me google him ymkn alagela sora 7lewa

Anony said...


7ata zawe galat nafs elshay !!

i swear masheft shno kanat takteb!

ana agol we vote





zwena said...

haw shesma every time i google him ye6la3li sowar chlab :O

Anony said...


FourMe said...

look I have two types of men that I fall for.. its either

1. Looks
2. Attitude

and this bastard has Attitude written ALL over him..

and you can't see attitude you feel it! look at his eyes dammit!! they say it all..

Yes and your taste in men is any better??! ahoooo khaleeny sakta bss!!

haaa ashoof 6ala3 7isich!
google Pitbull Rapper and you'll get pics..

what do u mean mako wla laq6a 7ilo?!?

u twinys have ZERO taste..

Anonymous said...

OK SIIJ il nas athwaq! LOL noo offense wala :P! bs he's disgusting! oo considering u dont crush on celebs.. orlando bloom/johnny depp/george clooney/etc. etc. :P! ya3ni at least the classics! U CRUSH 3laa hathaa waiii3 :S

Anonymous said...

OOK oo tell me attitude .. fine i understand it.. bs he doesnt even have attitude! hmm kanye west attitude..again orlando bloom attitude :P ..

A Journal Entry said...

i'm sorry FourMe.. bs i have to agree with anony!

i vote qabee7!

Sylar said...

The chick in 1:23

#$# shit.

Anonymous said...

esta'3ferallah wayha zag! o throosa lo3a ewww

Um Mit3ib said...

i like his music bs ;p

FourMe said...

Orlando too delicate flower lookin, Depp is just what the fuck there is nothin to crush on! And Clons is okay for the grandpa look..

Classics I do like but I don't swoon over, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Bruce Willis.. those I like.. but this dude is just hitting the right spot..

pleeease kanye does not have an attitude! he's an ass..

journal entry:
noooooo don't say that! :(

hehehee will check her out..

peopleeeee its the goddamn ATTITUDE! ana shakoo eb om throosa :/

um mit3ib:
yala ham zain 3al aqal someone said something nice about him ! said...

You leave all the hot football players for him?

Come on! He has a pig nose!

I don't think United would approve you cheating on them! :p

FourMe said...

i don't see football players from looks wise.. I see their talent.. and the proof of that is my footballer isn't a hottie yet I AM KOKO ABOUT HIM!

hehehe heeeey leave my crush alone i like him..

babe.. my heart and soul belongs to them! what more do they want!?

Anonymous said...

hello ..hmmm not good men taste you have .. trop ringard

Anonymous said...

Well even thou i dont like ur taste for men here is the newest video for hotel service .. this version will make even crasier about him hahahahaha .. sweat sexy dreams ..

Anonymous said...