Monday, 2 November 2009

.... ... ... ....

This is quite frustrating!

Simply I cannot find people that understand me..

I miss communicating ..

It is frustrating as hell..

Screw it..


Anonymous said...

I like you fourme.. !! :(:( ur "attitude" is one of the best attitudes that i have ever seen .. ;) hahahaha ur funny as hell.. keep it up girl ! *asswipe*.. hahahaha my fav.!

Sylar said...

Teenage angst?

K.D said...

you know you don have to snap right?

actually.. they are winning?!
the others.. are winning!

whatever it is.. keep ya self calm ok!
and one last thing.. im not gonna be here forever four.. me
you cant keep depending on my wisdom like this..
you gotta start picking up marshmallow bite!

FourMe said...

thank you dearest :)

dear I'm pushing on 30!

hehehe love it when ur brain spins off into lala land.. ur brain and my brain put together can occupy a whole mental institute all by themselves!

but.. buuuuuuut kdd u can't leave me all alone in this big bad scary world :( I need my knight in shining armour to protect me.. what is a girl to do without her knight and his wisdom :((

Anonymous said...

i love your blog one of the best ..
it's true .. am just fed up with the super luxurious blog just showing off there new bags n shoes .. WTF we want somthing real . smthing coming from the heart .. u ROCK UR ANONYMOUS READERS LOVE U

FourMe said...

truly appreciate it! thank you so much for your kind words :)

Standy said...

you are one of a kind fourme,, everything you write and say or share is something different..
we all can relate to what you say and for those who doesnt, the door is wide open for them,,

I like you loads =D

Traveleer said...

I feel ya girl

FourMe said...

thank you 7abooba tslmeenly :*

ygoolich elbaab yosa3 jmaal ;)

hello whitey..

Âme said...

. .... ............. ..., .. ... ... .......... ....!

~ Soul