Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Look this goddamn invention called "The BRA" is suffocating the hell out of me! I'm having issues with it, serious issues that is!! You ungrateful men imagine a rope tied around your chest and prevents you from breathing normally. Now imagine living with that 24/7 for the rest of your miserable lives!! Could you? Really tell me could you? And you wonder why us women are short tempered and cranky!? take a wild guess!

I'm having issues with the bra :/ I can't handle it anymore. Go a size up a size down, loosen it, tighten it nothing is helping I can't I simply cannot handle it no more.

-Why why can't we go out without bras?
-What's wrong with having the girls set free?
-Men go out commando and no one knows!
-Why can't we do it?!
-Why is it frowned upon?
-Why any woman out without a bra is labelled as "asking for it"?!

When women in the 1960s burned their bras they were referred to as rebels?!? Why are women always discriminated against?! If all the dudes in Kuwait gathered and burned their emkasar'at (agi9 edy etha a7ad feekom ey3arf shino jam3 emkasar :/ ) we wouldn't say they were rebels!! We would simply say they want more space for the boys.. See we understand confinement. We understand ones need to let loose. We understand the need for one to breathe without being suffocated!! Grant us the following..

So I propose that..
+Every women reading this post gathers all her bras.

+Meet me in da Avenues on Saturday 3pm

(most men will be busy watching football).

+We have us a Bra bonfire in Phase2 ehnaak ako fas7aa etkafy all our bras

+And sing Burn Baby

Now is that too much to ask for??
I just want to be liberated!!
This is against my human rights!!
I just want to let goddamn looooooooooooose :(


Anony said...


Anony said...

but i like my bras and i wana keep wearing them :P

but i'll show up for support :P i like burning stuf hahaha

moi said...

LMAO! I'd come but..but.. I LOVE my bra :( its so supportive :p

Anonymous said...

Why are your bra's hurting you? Somsin wong! Listen, when you go to London go to Rigby & Pellars; it's near Harrods. When I went there I discovered I've been wearing the wrong size and it was a wonderful discovery because now my bras rock! They have awesome brands - expensive, but really good bras. (And I am SO gonna stay anonymous for this comment LOL)

1001Nights said...

I thought of this article when I read your post.

See? All this time you're living in Kuwait you woulda been much happier in Somalia :P

No identity.. said...

loool ... 1001 night ;)
ok ok ..
1. I am sure you are having the wrong bras
2. Yes take the above advice when going to London or ever M&S which is in London as well
3. I don’t see how is related to men, I don’t know you attacked them some, they never say women should but on bras… I guess it was a women's thought initially
4. And yes I do hate them, and no in earth I wear them while I am at home, sometimes I even forget and reached to all my mashaweer without them … Yes no could notice (maybe its my luck having small ones ;)

Anonymous said...

(Oh and one more thing, the No ID gal is right in her comment. Why are you attacking men, hell girl they don't want us in bras they want us jigglin' like we meant it! Dayamnn!)

FourMe said...

Hatha el3asham feech.. Shofay yemkin one of ur sisters wil yerankom karheen their bras ham bring them along..

I love my bras too!! I love them enough to even wear them while sleeping.. But the time has come where I have to say goodbye :(
Too much support is suffocating me :/

I know the shop. I'm the queen of wearing the right size, I get measured regularly.. All of the sudden I just can't breathe in them anymore maybe its related to my disc problem?! Dunno really..

Dammit!! Now I have to pack and leave for Somalia :p who's with me?!

No identity:
1. wearing the right size.. Was measured couple months ago. And if I went up a size in that short period I will chop them off cuz at that rate I will literally brake my own back :/

3. Speaking from experience here, with bras they stare, without bras they not only stare but rape u with their eyes!! They make it so uncomfortable for a woman to go out without her bra. I did it once as a result of forgetting to put one on while running a small errand and every man on my path said or stared that it made me feel like a piece of meat. Now if they just didn't give a damn and looked the other way we would have the freedom of choice to wear or not to wear a bra..

4. Hell I wear them even when I'm sleeping.. See never had issues with them and always for the bra.. But dammit I can't breathe anymore!!

My point exactly!! They want to see that hence forcing us to wear ones so we don't seem provocative.. Because of their damn pleasure and ogling eyes we have no choice. Either wear one and suffocate or not wear one and have them drool over u and think ur doing it for attention..

Smart CoOKie said...

LOL. I love lace, colorful, expensive bras. They are beautiful & sexy. But I never wear bras at home so restricting.

Faith said...

Can we burn other stuff tha we're made at ? if yes then I’m in.

Jack Ass.. said...

Congrats.I read in paper Kuwait women got right to get passport without hubby's permission..

Now if you complain about men staring at boobs,you are a cry baby..

R.. said...

@@ !
ilove my bras too !! ;p
why dont u try to stop wearing bra 4 a while ;p
yimkin tirta7ain !! ;p

Anonymous said...

ma y3awer bidoon bra? I mean it's one thing to walk around the house without one but to be out and about and walking fast raa7 y3awer.

Average.Q8i said...

This Amuses me.
But this is not my place of expertise.

O The Fact that Some girls walk aroun with no Bras; Wow; Too Much ..

Ms. D said...


i hate the size up size down drama ;s


i cant go bdonhom.. backache! fakry!

CeCe said...

Uhhh, the image of "liberated", happy bra-less women with their boobs dancing all over the place is very unpleasant. Just saying... I love bras.

Charmbracelet said...

I feel you!
Bs cool's ok =p
Lat3a9ben wala ehmch well go and do the bra fire thingy =)

FourMe said...

Don't get me started on lingerie :/ I love themm..

Honey we can burn anything u like including men!

Jack ass:
You're comparing issuing documentation with sexual discrimination? Really Jack? Really?! I expected a little bit more understanding from you!

Imagine everytime u step out of the house woman stare at ur jewels. First time you'd think nicely done jack.. Second fourth tenth time you'll think okay this is gettin a bit old.. By the millionth time you'll feel like u are nothing apart from a pair of jewels walking down the street!!

So yes I will be a cry baby because this is human rights 101.. One shouldn't be treated in such manner just cuz they've got a decent rack!!

It happens everytime I gain an ounce..

If moving at a fast pace then yes but if regular movement then a fitted cotton vest would keep them in place..

Give it couple more years and you'll be an expert trust me :p

Ms D:
Ana babchy mn elbra! Thba7tny ga3da 3ala galbi :/

I do see your point! Double letters jiggling isn't a pretty site :/

I soooo wana burn them!!

mssenos said...

omg! 7altch naafs 7alte! was studying bl mashr7a with a friend the other day. couldn't take it. had to take if off cuz i couldn't breathe! so i did! oo 9kat el labcoat haha.. went up a size and a cup! :/ i'm a monster! the problem is i'm thin! barely above 52 kg! all the extra weight ehnak :/

entay el wa7eda ely tfhamne.. el kel ygol 7mday rabch oo and i'm like :( el7mdlah 3la kel 7al

i'll join with the bra burning! wohoo! until gravity sets in and i actually need to wear it (a)

FourMe said...

exaaaaaactly!! any extra weight runs to that section first!! its like helloooo u have a whole body to make fatter why why stick in one place :/ ya il7amdilaa bs 3ad ekhtangna laih meta !!

gravity is a bitch! all it needs is a couple of days and south it goes :(

mssenos said...

fourme, ur my long lost (other) sister.. *tears up*

i gained weight. wayn ra7? mo bf5othe which r as thin as toothpicks.. wala my ass.. my freakin boobs!! i actually went up a size and a cup oo lal7yn thayej shway but i refuuuuseee to get a bigger bra.. la mta ya3ne??

FourMe said...

seems like we have identical bodies!

laaa abashrich mara the one and only time ely I really gained weight i became a porn star :p i went up a size and 2 cup sizes it was hilarioussss... la o youm radet tha3aaft i only went down one cup so ely weight ma yanzil yg3ad 3ala galbich :p

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