Monday, 26 October 2009

Boy Heaven

Her: What's boy heaven to you?

Me: Tall men with tattoo's..

Yaa seems like my infatuation with that combo is getting worse.. I cannot resist it dammit its like Superman and kryptonite!! I see tall I go googoo I see tattoo I go gagaa.. Give me both and I'm in boy heaven..

Just out of curiosity what's boy/girl heaven to you? And I beg of you spare me the personality and kind heart crap.. We're talking purely about eye candy here.. Ohh and knock yourselves out anonymously..


Single said...

david beckhams hair and body. and blue eyes

Faith said...

can I attach a pic? ;D

Anonymous said...

boy heaven:
dimples, amazing smile, agra3 OR messy hair, 3yoon 3asaliya, asmar, medium height, ya3ni 5'7, lool bs isti7ait :S :P

Mrs. said...

Tall , fit (mo shar6 six pack bs manabe karsha), hazel eyes, brown hair, bright white smile, dimples wont hurt, and best of all modest like he has no clue he is all that !!

serenade said...

tall, tan, dreamy eyes, beautiful smile,, and more importantly .. arrogant,, seeing a guy chayif 3umra and not giving me the time of day drives me crazy.... sadly it doesn't happen very often ;p

lol narcissist much?!... shoot me ^,^

zuz said...

agra3 , achla7 bs netheeef, TALL,fit,5ashma labej = sex

Smart CoOKie said...

Taaaaaaaaaaall, tanned, awesome hot muscular body, blue eyes, silky hair and freaking perfect face bone structure. Give me that & I won't give a shit to his personality. a9lan I don't need him to talk :P

Jack Ass said...

How about the following men :

1}Tom Cruise
2}Vladimir Putin
3}Jean Claude Van Damme
4}Sylvester Stallone

Anonymous said...

Girl Heaven:
1-la th3eefa wela meteena.. fat in the right places.. ;)
2-boobs boobs boobs.. again boobs..
3-her face... lazim ekon enthawi.. manabi rejoola kilish..
4- la 6uweela wela ge9eera.. 165 zain
5- khashim lazim edgeeg
6- baitha (natural) bas shwaya shwaya makhtha loon min eshams ;p
7- sha3ar aswad la na3im wela khashin.. bas mo curley
8- ako lewyooh eli mayenmal minha.. fahamteeni ?:P eli mahma 6awaltay wintay etkhezeenha.. matmeleen..

etha ako wa7da chethi bel kwait.. 3a6oni khabar :P

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ili foggi tara Alla makathar ili chithee bilikwait ma 3endik mushkila la t7aati :P

FourMe boy heaven lazim lazim IKWAITI wi3arif iti7acha 3adil bidoon lsaan 3away and afathil 5'11 or 6 foot, symmetrical face with a saksooka and not too asmar and thick dark eyebrows ya3ni ino3 ili itha 3a9ab yseer shakla really tough.

FourMe said...

i prefer becks when he's bald
I'll pass on the bluey eyes..

ohhh plz do!!

hehehe aham shay inich ist7aitay :p

see the dimples make them look feminine :/ yaa modesty is nice

yess arrogance is kinda interesting in a man.. though not too much just enough to make u say damn u ur hot:p

you'll find loads of those on the streets.. that's every other guy

i HEART tall :D
what is it u girls with blues?! hahahhaha excatly who the hell needs to talk just let him sit there lookin pretty and we'll do the rest ;)

jack ass:
are those your eye candy?! and here I thought women did it for u!!

Judging solely on the silver screen:

1. too Baby faced
2. no one more manly than a hot blooded Russky
3. pretty boy
4. *sigh* Sly sly sly what more can i say! Get me a man with his moxy and i'm his for life

anonymous boy:
now that's a custom made girl!! any specific measurements :p

anonymous girl:
hmmmm never gave much attention to the brows! though an interesting one!

Average.Q8i said...

160's Cm;
Tanned; Wellak Amout 3al Tanned ..
Black HAIR .. Natural Hair ..
Clean; I LOVE Cleanliness in a GIRL ..

O Cheeks ..

Anonymous said...

you are my eye candy ;)

my heaven girl

name it

you are IT

A Journal Entry said...

perfect smile with white teeth.. asmar.. gar3a 3al 1 .. asmar zay il gamar.. heavy eye lashes! (i know its kind of feminine).. and brown eyes..

Jack Ass said...

The reason I put those names was because they are all around my height 5'8".. I have no clue whether they are eye candy or hot or not but I sure know they are swooned over by women or atleast thats what I heard.

I cant believe u don't like Tom Cruise though..

Hopeless Poet said...

I guess I will be the boy hell for most or more of half hell half heaven.. I am certainly not fit :P

eshda3wa said...

ana 3axich

tatoos are a total turn off for me!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ee eyebrows and clean teeth and a long neck and wide shoulders are all big pluses! Oh and I love super straight noses and a great witty sense of humor with perfect English.

FourMe said...

What is it with boys and nailpolish?! I don't get it why do you hate it?

Aww *blushes* .. now stop lying and say who's your eye candy?

Oww I love gar3a! Men with shorter hair are more masculine..

Jack in the box:
I do like Tom.. His movie Far and Away is my all time fave! But after that Scientology (or whatever its called) crap he pulled I kinda backed off him..

Hopeless poet:
I don't mind a karsha.. Toned men annoy me.. Ur good don't worry :p

They turn me into a puddle!

Amen sister!!

Hmmm never though of the neck! Come to think of it you're right it is a plus..

Sylar said...

aristocratic looking girls minus the stuck up attitude.

Jack Ass. said...

Hey fourme,

why did you call me Jack in the box ? What does it mean ?

And yes , the way Tom argues with people about scientology, I get annoyed too.

FourMe said...

Interesting one.. So how do aristocratic chics look like?

Do u not know jack in the box? Were u never a child? Its this box that has a handle u wind up and jack pops up singing a melody or what have u..

As its relevance to u, u my friend are that jack.. U jump out of no where and ...........................................

One day jack I'll tell ya what I mean :)

And yes Tom lost many fans with his idiotic behaviour..

mssenos said...

6weel (hard to find in kwt) oo 3areeeee'9 :D like big shoulders. yum :(

skinny legs r a turn off .. no skinny legs damn it!

dsn't hv to be good looking. actually,i perfer if he was ok looking but with a great smile :D

Sylar said...

Something hard to describe, but a lot of Kuwaitiya girls pull it off

FourMe said...

seems like they're getting shorter by the day :/

i guess u mean the refined look..

ohDear!! said...

- Dark dark dark I don't mind chocolate dark!
- Not so tall 3adi
- Toned esp arms and chest, so hot!!
- Saksoka
- Cute smily face

*day dreaming, drooling, ******ing*


Anonymous said...

She's go to be 156 tall, around 48Kg, tiny waist, small rounded feet that have no cartilage with the size of 36 or 37 max, tiny hands with neat natural color nails, black or brown eyes, black hair, elegant, long eye brows, think eye lashes, shy, funny, fair mediterranean olive skin (no light and super white skin) and of course drips with femininity, exquisite smile with wide eyes.
Talk about super customization :)

Anonymous said...

Where do you people get those fantasies from?

I have zero dreams min halnoo3 ;p