Sunday, 18 October 2009


One thing I cant stand is when people are ball-less.. May it be man or woman.. I can't stand it!! It annoys me it annoys the fuck out of me!! For fuck sake why would I give a damn or what difference would it make to me or my existence if you had the balls to admit something and not behave like a friggin 2 year old!! Hell when a 2 year old damages something he/she stands there with a smile on their face! But full grown adults being ball-less!! Now that's just wrong! Look I was never one to be afraid of anything whether its something to do with my personality or whatever the fuck it is.. I always said and did what I wanted to say and do without beating around the bush and being ball-less.. I so like have balls of steel! My imaginary balls trump any man's balls reading this post! So please you ball-less people out there can you grow a pair and grow the fuck up and stop being such sissies and grab life by the balls!! Ukhhh I'm so frustrated at the amount of ball-less people around that I could scream!!

Come on say it with me..
There there don't you feel better now? Ohh yes you do!!

Nothing worse than a gutless woman is a ball-less man!!
Shame on you men and on the pair that you got..
Ehh ball-less it is..


Cooookies said...

here comes the mood swings

Anonymous said...

lool woow u needa calm down yo.

Standy said...

i totally agree with you...

Anonymous said...

You'r fantasctic .. i became addicted to your blog ... you should be a life coatch congratulation

Average.Q8i said...


FourMe said...

Been happy for way too long.. A pissy mood is bound to arise.. Plus u being a med student u should know its healthy to express ones emotions..

I is calm.. Only expressing some frustration.. I hate gutless people.. Cowardism is an ugly colour :/

Thank you!

Ohh I don't blame ya! This blog is awesome and I'm fabulous :p

Ok okay back to reality.. Thank u dearest much appreciated :)

Praise the lord u just grew a pair!! Hope ur feelin better baq9ooma..

Khalid said...

like it !
uve just made ur self a big fan ;P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

erm....i love you?

please dont hurt me =(

FourMe said...

thank u..
the more the merrier :)

woman you know I adore u.. i'll leave u be this time around..

Shwaish said...

wow madre this post appeals to my violent self! amen and stuff!!

Faith said...

Umm.. being guestless isn’t necessarily a bad trait .. I know because my bravery has frequently been useless! You know now I read your post it made me realize that that’s what I really need.. to become a coward for once!

Faith said...

Sorry I meant gutless of course ;D

Anonymous said...

ana tadren mno 9jjj ybe6 chabde?!elsha59 ely wayed yhma ara2 el '3yr..

y3ny, a person who doesn't do stuff he/she might want, cuz of what other people MIGHT think of him/her! waaay ! shal nfaaaqqq!! hatha ely 9j gutless!! not to go after ur own convictions, cuz of what other people might think!

wela the person does smthng 3shan people think, ohh this person is good.. oo el nass ma5do3en :/ eff way!

1001Nights said...

LOL! This is funny :)

il muhim! 3asa bass barad galbich?

FourMe said...

yaa some say I can quite violent at times.. thank god I ain't the only one!

how is it not a bad trait?
please elaborate on the need to become gutless

Amen sister!! those who are afraid of other peoples opinions are not even worth the mention..

emmm ya it kinda did :D

SpiltMilk said...

tell me abt it ..

3ndna wayed ball- less people unfourtnatly. actually, being ball-less is considered a badge of honour :D ya ba5tna wala..

Ian said...

My fiancee told me I'm ball-less last night and it's true. I'm sorry for having completely no balls.