Thursday, 3 September 2009

We Unite When Sheeps FLY

-Why is there no Arab unity?
-Why do Arabs hate each other?
-Why don't they solve their own problems without foreign (Western) intervention?
-Why don't they unite and make a stand against the superpowers of the world and they themselves become a superpower?

Our region is blessed with the worlds most valuable natural resources, great minds that can put the rest of the world to shame, strategic location that has Israel insight that can pressure the West, and economic ties that can influence world markets. Someone tell me if we have all the above why is it that the Arab region is not the strongest in the world??

When Arabs want to take a stand they can truly make a difference, the events of the 1973 oil embargo are proof of their strength! They can do it yet they lack the desire to do so. Shame on them!

They say Gamal Abdel Nasser was a bad leader and oppressed the Egyptians, yes his domestic policies might have been harsh yet he was the ONLY man who had the guts to stand in the face of the West and DO something about it, Alah yer7ma. He called for Arab unity and had the drive to bring them closer. Why isn't there not even ONE Arab leader that demands Arab Unity?

Have we not had enough of personal gain and growing pockets?! Isn't it time that we as a region unite and make a change? We are being strung along like puppets when we can be master-puppeteers. My heart aches for this region as they can be the best yet they are blinded by their greed, so sad, so very sad.

The past generation and our generation does not have any real men in it. I hope to God that the next generation bears men TRUE men that can bring along change and unity for a great region..


Anony said...

Gareet el title " .. When sleep fly" ;p walla it made sense ;p

Faith said...

Well it’s so sad that we’re Sooo used to it and probably over it.
but at least; there are people like you, who still give a damn and Express their feelings about it .

f7ee7eely said...

fuck pan arabism ---- so sad to see that there is some residual of pan arabists

kcal said...

9a7 ilsanich. very well said. now what are WE gona do about it?

f7ee7eely said...

pardon my bluntness and profane language...but you of all people ought to know that arab nationalism was a product of colonial britain to rid the pennsula from ottaman role which eventually paved the way for imperial powers to re-colonize the arab world....never since the dawn of islam has there been a unity amongst arabs..even in ancient history.....

Anonymous said...

shlon ykon fe unity when kel wa7ed raf3 5ashma 3al thane??

7ta bldeera nafsa, el3aylat yshofon nafshum 3al 3aylat el thanya

forget this idea fourme, never gna happen. we aren't smart enough.