Friday, 11 September 2009

Sun is uP

There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sun gradually come up and slowly lighten up a very dark sky..even if I take a thousand pictures to show you what I mean you won't grasp the exact beauty of it unless you witness it.. I'm mesmerised by the view.. By God's creation of such beauty that is indescribable.. Gives an amazing sense of serenity..

We take everything for granted and bother ourselves with minuscule matters and in the process we seem to overlook the simplest yet most beautiful things in this world that are free of charge.. All it takes is one moment to appreciate such beauty to truly make you grateful for what you are blessed with.. Your sight to see such beauty.. The same way we overlook these little blessings we overlook some people around us that we take for granted..

What I'm trying to say is that be thankful for those people you have in your life that you don't bother to appreciate or your appreciation towards them is a given.. But you know showing that you actually are thankful to have such person in your life once in a while could well make their day or even month! Whether it's your parent, sibling, partner, or friend.. Simply say thank you for being there and don't take them for granted.. Do a little gesture that shows your appreciation.. Stop being overwhelmed by meaningless things and truly be thankful for the blessing of having such wonderful people around you..

Try to appreciate the little things around today.. May you all have a fabulous day filled with love, compassion, and serenity :)


Anony said...


Anony said...

Thank you for being there :D


Anonymous said...

Amazing words! .. Thank you for being a great bloger


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f7ee7eely said...

We need to reassess our approach to life ( e.g. kuwaitis ) plus we need to learn how to love and live --- god has bestowed upon countless blessings bas lel2asaf 9ayreen nas ja7dah lelne3ma eww e3youna thayjah ....

sing along people hehehehe