Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I'm changing my name from FourMe to SpinsterMe!! Really I might as well seeing everyone around me thinks I am or will be very soon!! Today I got a 30minute lecture that I should get married from the new maid who's been with us for less than 2 weeks!!! Bs boga elkhabaaz wil bancharchy magalooli that I should get married :/

As I was making coffee for mother she tried to convince me to get married as she saw I could barely stand from my new shitty meds.. I'll spare you the lengthy discussion.. but the last thing she said was:

"You know you have to get married soon you're not young you will have problems in having children" .... I was about to let loose but I couldn't be bothered and just said okay I will.. Depress me why don't you!!

Seriously who else wants to convince me about kids and marriage?! Please feel free too as my personal life is apparently up for the masses to discuss..

Ohh and mother said that after rejecting so many she's gona do the following.. put an ad in the paper stating "Husband wanted for my daughter" and according to her the first one to reply gets me free of charge!!!!! hehehehehee I swear I laughed my head off as I felt like I'm a bottle of shampoo not a woman! Damn it even the buy one get one free ads are better than my ad!!

So yaa mother is giving me away for free hehehehee
Any takers?



Anony said...

weth tha elethee 3eeni teshofa @@

FourMe said...

3noosty 7abeebty hatha eli 3ainich tshoofa.. I haven't hit 30 and the word "spinster" is already being thrown here and there :D

watch me as I care..

Anony said...


allah yahdeeha el waldaaa chan galatli asawee e3lan khafeef thareeef wala hatha :P .. o ba3deen elnas et7eb el 6umasha :P .. enkhaleech u model 3ashan ur doc yestanas shway ena u did model looool

laa laa laaaa el e3laan kha6eeeeeeer hahahahahaha

shoosha said...

ib ta3zemene el 3ers?

FourMe said...

heheheh 7ayaaty mama lost hope so she said this way I won't get to say yes or no hehe! I'm just given away :D

you little mani gaylaa I bet you'd put in sizes in that ad :p

hell u can come on the honeymoon if u want as well!

shoosha said...

khala9 7ejzoli ma3akum.. aby ag3ad bainkum bil 6ayara and share ur bed and all....

Anony said...

men sijiich !! wait yatni fekreteen 3ala el saree3 !! fekra nareyaaa bs matengaal in public :P

el fekra el thanya ..

fata taslu7 le zawaaj, qabela lilsala7eya lemodat sanataan < 7a6atlch expiry date incase maleetay :P

men aham alkhasa'es .. ( pictures included)

3yoon qabela letaghyeer allaw

sha3ar 7areer aswad besawaad alail ma3a wojood khusolaat baraqa tuthfe rawnaq o 7ayaweya ( refering to shaib - but this sentence wont be on the ad) lol

a7jaam turthe o taghre alnathereeen ;) < ghamza is a must!

o kol hatha men sun3 rabeee < meaning ena no 3amaleyat tajmeel :P

shrayech ?? khosh mo ??? :P

negdar entheef .. o natabe3 netham al hend .. meaning ena kilshay 3ala el mara :P ohwa bs khal ysharefna :p


Um Mit3ib said...

malech ela ur dr ele besaweech model;p

Um Mit3ib said...

LOL anonny il ad NAAAAAAARR;P

7aneen said...

NOOOOOOOO wrong wrong wrong !! It will happen when it happens !

Mi3ris said...

hmm..i am a silent reader of your blog.. oo i read a recent post about "you should be model" .. and the one about "religion and theories" post.. and your "twins are getting crazy".. and all the other stuff.. oo cham wa7ed beshari3 6alab eedich.. :P faa 3egob kil hal posts.. oo ba3ad derasa 6ooweela.. tewa9alt inich khosh wa7da.. se`leeni laaish? mara7 an6irich tes`eleeni laish cuz a6awil esalfa chethi wehya 3anoona..
1. model = nice body (nice ;))
2. "theories"= values .. hmm..
3. tamsheen beshari3 oo kilman yabeech ( akeed wayh maqbool :P)
4. the famous "twins" = hmm.. why not :P

faa laish la.. momkin bas raqam telephone baitkom?:P bas fee moshkila esgheeera.. i think im younger than you 3addiii ?:P

JackAss said...

Until you find the right guy , just tell your mother that if you marry , it will only be to a like-minded woman. That should get her to back off and retreat into a shell..

Elegant Chic said...

Same here...

Inspite of having a boyfriend, mom keeps tellin me abt other boys and making me change my mind. Sometimes she speaks as if i'm already 30+

wicked said...

LOL the ad idea Was hilarious
I don’t mind being called spinster ...

Cuz I’m really happy with my life, and anyone who thinks that I need a man to feel completed and worthy should really fuck off
Right now I just listen to my aunties at family gathering smiling and “ hmm aha right enshalla I will get married” that's as far as I can get, I don’t even bother to go into one of the looong arguments

Viva la spinsterhood ;) I’m getting ready with ma girls to take over London next week
Fuck, who needs men when u have the best friends in the world sex and the city style ;)

Oh and p.s I’m not a lesbian, I’m just single lol yeah some family members think that i might be little into the other side cuz i haven't got married yet

Âme said...

Hello SpinsterMe,

How have you been ?
Hows the climate out there ?
How are family and friends ?

~ Soul

FourMe said...

how about u get the husband 6 days a week and just give him back 1 day a week to me? men give me a headache.. one day is more than enough

that beats mothers ad by miles!!! hehehee very nicely put :p
and yes lets not mention the grey hair.. we don't want to scare the man away..

bda3tay :*

alah yakhtha :(

go tell them that not me :/

Mi3ris aKa My future hubby :p :
yaa bakhty.. ya bakhtyy.. ya baakhtyy *blushes*

well seeing you put it like that, u make me sound like a good catch :p

hmmm u no have older brother, older cousin, ay a7aad older :/
how about I put u on the waiting list? If I can't find anyone older than me you'll be the 1st on the hit list :p

jack ass:
are you insinuating that I tell my mother I wana become a lesbian?

do you know what a zanooba is? those butt ugly 150 fils flip flops.. ya I would be beaten up with that..

whats bloody wrong with 30 and unmarried?! I really don't see it! ehh let them nag..

i gave up on explaining the need to wait for the right person and just doing the same as u, I nod and agree and say yes inshallaa I will..

hehehe we've all went thru "she must be a lesbian" phase..

hope u have a fabulous time dear!

hello SpinsterYou
all is dandy..

Anonymous said...

ok awal shai ALLAH i3EENICH!

thani shai, why do they always expect the girl, its not like intai ra7 ta56ibeen 7ag roo7iich, oo lazim ta5theen wa7id miqtan3a fee mo ai shai ...

btw how old are u? if they think ur a spinster and u cant get children? are u like over 45 ? cuz thats when it gets difficult to get kids!

FourMe said...

thanx dear..

problem is ena ygoloon laih meta btrdeen bl awadim.. ok its not my fault if they're not the right person..

I'm 28.. and seems like 30 is the age beyond return for marriage these days.. if you're 30 and mo mtzawja ya3ni bayraa la w mafeech shada et3ayleen..

Even Sweeter said...

There isn't a right age or time to be married...

Whenever you're ready, and you find someone you truly want to spend your life with, that's the right time... bs rabe3na 3yela want to rush everything

R.. said...

OMG !!
y r u doing this ya mother of fourme?
a7is mn il7ana 9ar fich 3nad u dont want to get married !!
will u marry my 11 yr old brother?
tra wall iyaniiin ;p
ask anony and zawe they saw his pictures LOL!!
wla u want my neohew ??
he's 9 months old ;$
yalla 6ibay o tkhayiray ;p
tabin na9i7tii take my brother since he's a little older !!
girl he's so fun to hang out with believe me !! ;p
intaay bs ashraaaaaaay !!!!! ;p