Saturday, 12 September 2009

Honeymoon for 3!!!

Some women are truly shameless! I keep on hearing stories that just shock me to the bone!! Specifically of married women.. I'm not generalising here but it seems like a new "habba" or a trend for married people to cheat!! Let's for once set men aside and talk about women.. Let me tell you the latest I've heard..

A couple in a relationship for X amount of years and in love.. come marriage time the infamous Sunna/Shi'a issue arises and the man backs down and says "sorry can't marry you".. The girl decides that even though she's in love with the boy she'll move on and accept the random marriage proposal she got..

Now she's still in love with her ex and obviously can't forget him!! But she did in fact get married.. HmmmMMmm guess what elms3idaa does?!??? She tells her EX to come along on their honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you read it right.. She invited her EX to go to the same country that she is going to with her NEW (knows absolutely nothing of what's going on around him) husband.. She tells her ex I want to be on my honeymoon and see you every where I am and IMAGINE I am there with YOU!!!!!

Ya3alich etharba goolay ameen yali matkhafeen rabich!! Tawich em3arsaa w batkhthen elEx to tag along with you!! Way3a 7itaa way3aa etsheelich entay wil kmakhaa elEx malich eli literally mo rayal cuz mn awalha gal ma yabeech o maygdar yogaf eb wayh ahala!! Malat 7ita malaat 3ala chethy reyayeel w 7areem!! Okaay ana shta6ait eshway bs mo miny mn 7arat galbii mn hal ashkaal eli mykhafoon rabhom!!!

Bss laa 6alaa3 her EX shareef and said I won't tag along in fear of getting caught.. Yet she is pregnant now and they are still in contact.. weld oma 6ala3 not so shareef after all!!

So yaaa boys just watch out for any lurking men on your honeymoon cuz you never know who the wife might have invited along!!

And they say 3 is a crowd!!


Anony said...


Anony said...


walla shar el baleya ma yuth7ek

staghfer allah yarabee

ya3ni entay eb honey moon!!!

ZoN said...

denya malha 9a7eb, ynkhaf minha..
ilwa7id ma yadri minho 6aqaqa fe hal ziman..
enama 3ala nyatikom torzaqoon

FourMe said...

whaaat one man isn't enough! elmara tabi arbaa3!

walaa my dearest rabik may6ig eb 3a9aa.. alaho a3laam bs shoof hal rayaal shimswii eb denyta eli rabik rzaga eb mara chethy!

BoomBoomPow said...

WHAATT THE FUUCK !!!!!!!!!!! fi naas chetheeee ?!!?!? :| :|

Single said...

alot of newlyweds are gonna have doubts after this post.

FourMe said...

yes there is.. that's one of the reason's ppl should not harm anyone.. cuz karma is friggin bitch and will come back and bite in the arse..

better safe than sorry.. maybe it will help some ppl open their eyes and see what's going on around them..

Aurous said...

ana b3d eshta6ait!! @@
malat 3alaiha... 9j ma teste7y!

Hope said...


el.7emdellah we.sheker sh9ayer be.denya ??!!
e.nass yanaw we.g3eDaw

waaaaaaaay shno hathaaa .. entai 3la themat rayal ya 7a'9eeeeey .. ma teste7ey 3la wayehha

Grrrrrrrhhhh .. B6at ChabDiiii

Sarona said...

*lifts her hand and closes her gaping jaw*
this is the new HABA!!! first time I've heard of it how pathetic!! y3ni the guy wasn't man enough to marry you, ma6a7 mn 3eench already!
Poor poor husband stuck with that sorry excuse of a wife
3la allah elryayeel ma t3jbhom elsalfa o t9er their new haba b3d

desertpalms said...

I guess thats what happens when you agree to marry someone you dont know and whose morals you dont know..the man in this case..

Um Mit3ib said...

saber nitfaham... ohwa ele hadhaa... wehya 7mara still la7geta.. w gilna ya 7aiil alah

yom i3zimta 3ala shahar 3asalhaa ma tifal eb 3ainha? khaf he gets caught? karamta mandi7at 3alaiihhh?

malat 7itan malat.

Faith said...

Why .. why would anyone marry someone while still in love with someone else calling that “just going on with my life”
That’s cheating before the real attempt to cheat
Humanity :(

Elegant Chic said...

Eeeeewwwwwwwwwww o_O

Double eeeewwwwwwwwwww

Average.Q8i said...

el walad mn mnoo; Ellee ibba6enhaa?

Even Sweeter said...

Way3aaaa way3a!! Shno hatha halbanat istakhafaw!!

Walla 9ajen lama egolon wayed fe males bs no more men!

Errant said...

omg !! haha and i was shocked to hear from someone that he is still in contact with his ex though she got married .. and i was shocked for a whole day .. can't believe it .. now this !! hahaha i'm just speechless !

Daddy's Girl said...

El sharha mo 3leha il 9ara7a

el sharha 3la il thoor ile oho her Ex ilee yom shat.ha o ma retha yetzawajha ma khalaha tamshi ibsabeel 7alha o imlageha wayh leen il7een

yoba in dagat 3lek sekka ib wayeha... gollaha intay 3la themat ryal 3aib! Eshlek feha b3d?


7abitik il garada malat 3la thah il wajh

lo inik ryal tars ihdomik chan tezawaj.tha

o lo inik ryal yamshi 3la zandik il tees o lik kelma chan yom galaw la2 o gelt khalas ma agdar ma abeech... chan sakait babha ib 6een o 3yeen o ya bent il nass ro7ay allah yewafgech

inama shino hatha?

shino hal ma9khara

7eta il europeans o il americans ma sawaw chithee g63

..::Amu::.. said...

thats a shame!! I heard similar stories too :)

eshda3wa said...

malat 3alaiha oo 3ala her ex foogha..

zain ehya mayta 3ala dabadeeba ohwa shimga3da?
mo gal ma ygdar yogaf eb waih ahala.. esh3nda ma3aha...

ya 3lhum elshagool

motha ydeeda hathi

Karamilah said...

i just cracked up laughing at your post,
9dg fee 7reem fa95een il7ya, ast'3fer allah

K.D said...


not the story.. but what you said in arabic.. you do the kuwaiti accent.. that was a blast!!!.. i mean i didn get it all.. but i can imagine like with 7ayat alfahad in a conversation..looool

god i miss you so much.. and oh yea.. very sad for the newly wed dude.. but.. well.. i've seen and heard worst..

seriously.. very sad for him though!

FourMe said...

7adhaa la 7ayaa wla mosta7a!!

ehom bs yanaw!! ela estkhafaaw!! ana erf3at thaq6y :/

hehe yes dear it is a habba lil asaf :/ ay 6aa7 mn 3ainha etha 3azmita 3ala shahr el3asaal..


etha ygoolich pregnant w still contact! ay yatfil eb 3ainha etha eho wyaha nafs elnmoona! slaima..

dear ppl don't give a damn about love anymore..

triple eww :/

FourMe said...

i have no idea.. alah ye3lam..

even sweeter:
way3a eli takhith'hom goolay ameen..

ehh! what men?! I see no men around @@

this is whats going on these days yet ppl don't talk about it and just want to seem like they are picture perfect..

daddys girl:
eshar'ha 3alaihom ehom elathnain.. both are equally wrong..

9alay 3ala eniby ay rayal!! hatha rayaaal?! hatha wintay 9aja 3raat ergalaa 3ala golat elegyptians..

unfortunately there are many ppl like that..

easy access babe..

ela may3arfoon el7aya shlon 9ayir :/

is that YOU @@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you back?? say yes!! is you back ?!

*blushes* missed ya tooo *blushes* :p

as for the husband.. alah ykon eb 3ona :/

and you should hear my saudi accent ;)

K.D said...

awwwwwww.. are you seducing me?!

well i really cant do the kuwaiti accent.. and even my saudi is too jeddawi..

yea i don see it working either!.. it was good fun though..

wanna do somethi... oh.. ok.. i totally understand.. you busy.. i mean i got this thing too.. like.. you know.. stuff..

ah.. well.. c ya!

Mrs. said...

Ya7asratnaaa ;/

FourMe said...

Hehehe No comment :P

Okay on a more serious note, I literally die for the saudi and bedouin accent.. Its one of my quirks..

Ehhh I'll teach ya the jeddawi accent 3ala o9ola.. I can do it damn well..

Leavin so sooooon :(


K.D said...

ummmm.. i dont!
i really dont DIE for the saudi accent or any accent for that matter.. i mean i might find a certain accent cute.. or sexy.. but thats bout it!!

you think you know the jeddawi accent!!
people its not only.. "eiwa" blah blah.. well.. its kinda is.. but still.. nevermind..

im around...!

K.D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
K.D said...

what with the double comment thing?!

so.. hows it goin four me

FourMe said...

70% of my friends are saudi.. Don't underestimate the FourMe. I is know the dialect very well :D

FourMe is kickin.. Though in need of her sarcasm buddie as the blog is becomin very dry :/ how is the KDD?

K.D said...

well.. not as shine and bright as you!!

you seem pretty happy.. i mean with being in kuwait and stuff..
good for you.. four.. me!

im.. ok!
i mean... ok!
not too good.. but.. ok

same ol' same ol' jeddah i guess!

Anonymous said...


wallah i think we shouldnt even mention these kinds of people. just hearing these stories is bad for your heart :/

Allah yihdeena ajma3een

kcal said...

when i read the post's title i thought they're having threesomes in their honeymoons now!

lets just say i'd rather that then the story I read!!

TOUCHE' said...

And I thought I've heard it all and have heard the worst of it, but this one tops them all.

In the honeymoon!!! I mean she has all her miserable life to fool around and she chose the honeymoon, you've got to admit that's original.

I bet I can tell you her next move, she's going to ask him to get pregnant by him cause she wants a perpetual reminder of him.