Tuesday, 22 September 2009


+ This back pain is unbelievable!! It ain't going away! It is absolutely horrible.. I have never experienced such discomfort :(

+ Look I'm in too much god damn pain to care how I bloody look!! and as a result I haven't dyed my roots and my grey hair is glaring like sunshine.. So yesterday my cousin's 10 year old kid who's sitting couple meters away says "FourMe your grey hair is showing why didn't you colour it!! (with a disgusted look on her face) " I was this close to smacking her :( and today my aunts husband during lunch looks at me with a shocked face "Shino hatha!!"
Anyone else wants to bitch about my grey hair?? Please feel free to do so..

+ A fellow spinster friend of mine is nagging me to go away with her for couple of days.. Last time we travelled together was 2003 and it was a damn blast! I remember at one point we entered the hotel bare feet holding our high heels in our hands (don't ask) :p I think I am in need of such getaway.. problem is I am afraid it will wake up the insane girl in me and I will end up having too much fun :/

+ Truly elmamnoo3 marghoob..

+ And they say..

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

~Oscar Wilde

Across the gateway of my heart I wrote "No thoroughfare". But love came laughing by and cried "I enter everywhere"
~Herbert Shipman

I regret every chance I missed at protecting myself from being hurt


I'm pretty, but I'm not beautiful.

I sin but I'm not the devil.

I'm good, but I'm not an angel.

~Marilyn Monroe


FourMe said...

for Anony as she is away..

Faith said...

ma tshofeen shar sweetie..have you tried replacing the mattress? I had neck issues but now I’m fine al7mdellah cuz I got orthopedic pillows.
My roots have been neglected for almost 7 months and I don’t care :@
Going wild comes with a huge price tag.. I know because I’ve been paying for my stupidity for years and that’s why I’m such a joy killer now ;D
So do the math and let us know :)

Loved the quotes.

Euphoria said...

Salamat wallah! bs I like this post :) lol

Average.Q8i said...

Firstly I dedicate this For Anonyy ;p.

FourMee; Ana Naghmat 7ub 9'aya3haa il Watar; O Ana Wannat Galb At3abhaa il Safar; Anaa Nawee il Gurb O Droobee Ba7ar. :(.

Just Felt like to be honest.

Sarona said...

let the insane girl out there's no such thing as too much fun
it's good every once in a while

zuz said...

matshoofeen shar! i trully believe that..enty 9akeenich 3ain qaweya

Anonymous said...

7jb has many blessings ;p

Oranjina fadidra said...

go check ur back srsly!

Oranjina fadidra said...
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FourMe said...

shar mayeech dear.. my pillow is unbelievably flat though I usually sleep without a pillow, those ones u mentioned are too high i cant sleep on them..

if i leave my roots for seven months my hair would be completely white! I probably have more grey than u, as mine has been untouched for just a month and looks crap :/

I am familiar with that price tag but i honestly dont give a damn what others say.. its just that i have outgrown that phase..


eysalmich dear.. thank u :)

hMmmm baq9ooma ana ma fahamt the point of your comment.. plz elaborate :/

ohhhhh trust me there is ;) I can get way too crazy for my own good :p

shar mayeech zuz.. i think so :/

my dear not everyone that wears a 7jab is a saint..

i did!! he said its beginning of disc :( I is skrabaaaa *cries*

eshda3wa said...


ma r7tay the dr yet?

and safray!

go crazy!

u live once!